HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo Windows Phone 8 devices coming to Sprint

Sprint has announced two Windows Phone 8 devices that will be coming to the carrier later this summer; these will be the first WP8 phones for the carrier and are updated models of existing devices.

The two new devices will be the HTC 8XT and the Samsung and the Samsung S Neo.

The 8XT looks like a blend of the 8X and 8S and will cost $99.99 with the standard two year agreement. The ATIV S Neo will be $149.99 with a two year contract.

Inside the HTC 8XT is a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor with 1.4GHz dual-core CPUs supporting 4G LTE and 1080p video capture, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM memory, microSD™ memory card slot with support for up to 64GB memory cards, a crisp 4.3-inch display, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, GPS support and 1,800mAh lithium-ion battery

ATIV S Neo will offer a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, microSD memory card slot, international roaming, 4.8-inch high-definition display, Wi-Fi and 2,000mAh lithium-ion removable battery.

The launch date for either of the devices was not announced with only 'summer availability' being shared at the moment. You can sign up for notifications on when they will be released at the source link below.

Source: Sprint

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I am on Sprint and just upgraded to an iPhone a week ago. The last time I upgraded, I got a crappy Android phone because their Windows Phone was crap and there was no iPhone and they didn't have the S2. No wonder these things don't sell and Sprint thinks it is lack of demand. How about lack of supply. Sprint would never admit fault.

The Ativ S is the best kept tech secret ever. Absolutely love mine - first smartfone with a 2-day battery AND a lag-free OS - it's heavily discounted on the UK unlocked market, and worth twice as much.

About time. I have been waiting as I'm ready to dump my iphone seeing I have a WIn 8 tablet and a Surface Pro. There might not be as many apps, but have most of what I need.

GP007 said,
Not bad, that 8XT looks like a nice little upgrade to my 8X, the inclusion of a microSD slot for one is a plus.

No it doesn't. The 8XT seems to be an 8S with a new, confusing name. WVGA screen, 8GB internal is blegh. Especially with the other storage bug which hasn't been fixed yet.

The 8XT is the value phone, the ATIV S is the high end phone for Sprint right now.

I knew this would happen... I have been holding off on my upgrade (I got in Feb) since I broke my Arrive last year (and Sprint stopped supplying it, so I couldn't get a new one). Sprint announces two "awesome, completely new" WP8s from HTC and Samsung. We wait months. It turns out they're subpar rehashed versions of other existing phones.
I love the look of the 8XT, and I love the SD card support. I hate how Samsung's handset looks, especially with the price and specs. I hate how they're basically the same phone made by different companies.

What I really want (and I don't think Sprint really freaking understands): A powerful, expensive, flagship device from Nokia or HTC or the like that I can be proud of (not to mention, hold onto for 2 years).

Gosh, I'm sick of this carrier... >:'(