HTC bypasses World Mobile Congress for Feb. 19 press event

The annual World Mobile Congress is scheduled to be held on February 25-28 in Barcelona, Spain. While there are expected to be many product reveals from smartphone companies at the event, one company has decided to make a big announcement a week ahead of WMC 2013.

Many media outlets, including CNet, report they have received an invitation from HTC to attend a press event in either New York City or London on February 19. Other than the date, time and location of these events, there's no other official information on what HTC might be revealing.

It's interesting that HTC has apparently decided to hold a major press conference just before the start of WMC 2013. It may show that the company doesn't feel that the trade show is the best venue for its big announcement and didn't want to share the spotlight with other companies that are exhibiting at the show.

There are rumors that HTC has plans to launch an Android smartphone with a 5-inch screen in 2013 and it's likely that the February 19 reveal will be of an Android-based device. There are other reports that claimed HTC was planning to launch a five inch phone based on Windows Phone 8 but that those plans were cancelled because of Microsoft's guidelines that would not allow screen resolutions as high as those of an Android phone.

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WP guidelines are already known and HTC would definitely be in a position to know what they are having been there with WP from the start. Not sure why they would make plans for a device outside those guidelines then have to cancel them. Sounds like a cooked up story.

i have abosutely no evidents,
since HTC mades both Androids & WP, very likely its was act from Google's bribery to attacks the WP via its MS's guidelines.
As it was states like that in its own guidelines, MC can't freely confirm or denying it.

If you ask me, MS should've revise the existing guideline & the software to make it more up to date & competitive.

Article said,
Microsoft's guidelines that would not allow screen resolutions as high as those of an Android phone.

lmao, makes my day,
incidentally also conform to this one:

Oh, I'm sorry did you upgrade to an over 9000 inch monitor? Well, that is obsolete now as you must upgrade to something SMALLER!