HTC launches its own smartphone trade-in program

This woman is clearly loving HTC's old smartphone trade in program ...

HTC is making a lot of news today thanks to the official introduction of the Windows Phone 8X and 8S smartphones. While both devices won't go on sale until sometime in November, HTC is apparently trying to give an incentive for people to wait to purchase these new Windows Phone 8 devices.

Today, HTC launched a new website called Basically, US citizens can go to the site and get a quote for their old phone, whether it is made by HTC or not. The quote can be as high as $300 if you want to trade in your Apple iPhone 4S with 64 GB of storage, but obviously, the price quote for your particular smartphone is likely to be less than that.

After the quote is generated, you then send in your smartphone via snail mail and HTC will send you a Visa pre-paid gift card with the quoted amount a number of weeks afterward.

HTC joins the ranks of Samsung, who launched their own old smartphone trade-in program in early August. Both of them, coincidentally, have upcoming Windows Phone 8 products that will be coming out this fall.

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Majesticmerc said,
So basically, you could trade it in for about half what you could sell it for on Ebay? What's the point?
Ebay fees on electronice are surprisingly high. Plus there's no hassle here. For a less expensive phone where the diff is only $20-30 bucks I'd definitely trade in.

$140 for a Droid RAZR. Not bad. If the off-contract price for the upcoming HTC 8X I might spring for it, as long as the quoted value for the Droid RAZR doesn't dive too much.

$175 for my HTC One X (HTC Endeavor on the site) undamaged and virtually in perfect condition (yes, no, no). Well that shows how much they care about their current flagship if it goes up to 300 and this doesn't even break 2/3s of that.


n/m, guess TWS sets the value.

SharpGreen said,
I could get $120 for my Nexus and $0 for my old Droid

I sold my OG Droid on ebay when I picked up my Trophy about 15 months ago. I couldn't believe it, but i got $100 for it. Lucky me

Sounds like good prices offered too, better or equal to all the other trade ins, and a more reputable name than many of those sites.

rfirth said,
$35 for my HTC HD7? lol

$40 for my Trophy. Which sounds about right considering they're going for $80-100 used on eBay. After fees thats $65-80 net, so I will sell min on the Bay