HTC officially announces Touch HD, 3G and Viva devices

HTC has announced 3 new handsets that are aimed at customers who want even more choice when it comes to choosing a Windows Mobile handset.

The Touch HD has quad-hand GSM and 7.2Mbps HSDPA support with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and assisted GPS. It only sports 512MB of internal memory though this can be expanded by a SDHC microSD card. HTC plans to ship the phone with a 8MB SD card in the box.

It's all powered along by a 528MHz Qualcomm chipset and the whole package weighs in at 146.4g. HTC is claiming up to six hours of talk time from the 1,350 mAh battery.

HTC also announced the Touch 3G, a sequel to its groundbreaking Touch, from last year. This is a more lightweight affair at 96g, and equipped with a 2.8in 320 x 240 resolution display, a 3.2 megapixel display and 256MB of flash memory, backed with 192MB of RAM.

Finally, there's the more budget-orientated Touch Viva, which eschews 3G entirely, and sticks with quad-band GSM and EDGE support. The 110g phone contains a 2.8in display, offers 320 x 240 pixels and the memory complement is 256MB of flash and 128MB of RAM,

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It's interesting the screen resolution of the Touch HD isn't mentioned, since--in my eyes--is one of its biggest draws at 480x800, more than 4 times the resolution of most Windows Mobile phones.

8MB card would be strange. why? because if one should spend so much money on a high end device, one would expect to have more memory on the SD card than just 8MB. I think they should either upgrade the memory or not include it all together and let the user decide whether he/she should should get an SD card.

it is possible to use it with regular sim since HTC aren't up the batty too much with exclusivity or any of that rubbish usually as long as you're compatible with network you're good to go.

i'm definitely going to try track one down instead of an iphone seems much more appealing.

(M. Seth said @ #2)
I am hoping the article actually meant to say that HTC will ship an '8GB' sd card and not '8MB'

I was thinking the exact same thing Would be pretty funny to ship it with 8MB but on the other side, 8GB is reeeeaaaaly nice!!!