HTC One (M8) for Windows finally unveiled

After months of speculation and leaks, HTC has finally unveiled the new HTC One(M8) for Windows.

The HTC One (M8) for Windows is not surprising in any way, but that’s not the say it isn’t a super impressive phone. The One (M8) for Windows is basically identical to its Android counterpart and this includes the sleek design and super powerful internals.

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HTC One (M8) for Windows specs:

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
  • 32 GB internal storage; micro SD (up to 128 GB)
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 5-inch Full HD, Super LCD3 display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3; 441 ppi
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • Size: 146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm
  • Weight: 160g
  • HTC UltraPixel camera; 5 MP front-facing camera
  • Nano SIM
  • NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Miracast, DLNA
  • HTC Boomsound
  • U-Focus
  • HTC Dot View case with Cortana integration - there's also a limited edition Xbox cover

The HTC One will initially launches in the US on Verizon today(!) although a European launch is expected to arrive in the near future. Pricing starts at $99 with a two-year contract.

The handset has been a long time in the making with numerous leaks and rumors coming out over the past six months; but now that it's finally out it will be interesting to see how the market reacts.

This is most definitely a flagship Windows Phone with premium specs, and it's the first time users will have a pure choice in terms of OS: same device on both Android and Windows Phone. The HTC One (M8) for Windows may well prove to be hit, at least if sales reps are fair when they talk to customers.

The event is now over but we'll have more photos shortly.

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its already been said on other sites that the wp8.1 lasts quite a bit longer on battery life compared to the android version. I guess time will tell when proper reviews come out.

That's the number one thing I hate about the OS. I loved going into webOS and tweaking things, writing patches, using other people's patches, etc.

Waiting for Sony to release the Z2/Z3 WP modification. Still I like their design and hardware more, so about waterproof and battery points of the phone.

Glad to see HTC onboard, again, offering their highest-end phone with WP, with pretty much no compromises; exclusive apps, the dot cover, IR blaster, etc.

This is the dedication that an OS needs to catch on.

Now if only samsung did that... although they and MS don't seem to be very fond of each other nowadays.

this phone will be getting released later in the year on other carriers, I wouldn't be surprised if rogers or telus picked this up, or worst case there will be other NA variants.

I was still hoping at the last minute they would announce that it had Qi charging. I'd rather have that than the new dot case.

If the hardware is the same as the Android, I wonder if dual booting of some sort might be possible (or even swap out the OS at will).

Another carrier exclusive. If Microsoft wants to be serious about improving market share for WP, they need to end this exclusivity crap, I just don't understand why Microsoft doesn't see this

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