HTC One M8 Prime reportedly axed

The rumoured premium HTC handset, the One M8 Prime, has reportedly been axed. The device was purported to feature a Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM with a huge Quad HD (2560x1440px) 5.5-inch screen encased in a unique, aluminium-silicon composite body to give the handset a truly premium feel.

The HTC One M8 Prime was expected to replace last-years One M7 Max (pictured) but has reportedly been scrapped

A series of recent leaks have also exposed many other features of the handset, including an enlarged camera lens that pointed towards better photo-taking capabilities than even the exceptional shots captured by the standard One M8.

According to noted reliable tipster evleaks, the successor to last year's One M7 Max has now had its development program 'suspended indefinitely', however. The announcement comes as a surprise, given the attention that the handset has been receiving, and no reason for the cancellation has been given.

Expected to compete against Samsung's rumoured Galaxy S5 Prime and LG's recently-launched G3, there does not seem to be an obvious reason for cancelling the device. Perhaps the move was influenced by the decision of some retailers and carriers not to sell the LG G3, considering it a 'tough sell'.

This seems rather unlikely due to how far the Prime got into its development, however. With no official announcement from HTC to either confirm the existence or abandoning of the device, we will have to wait to see if today's report proves to be true or not.

Source: evleaksImage via HTC

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I bet there never really was one, just rumors floating around since the first one, so what better way to kill a rumor but to kill off the non existing device!

1440p killed it. increases power requirements and price as well as computing requirements and provides no benefit whatsoever. good move. concentrate on stuff that matters.

I'm not a fan of those long grills on the top and bottom of the front face. I think just one shorter one on top would look better.

I personally prefer the (tougher polycarbonate) design of the One X over this.

Edited by 68k, May 30 2014, 1:36pm :

You know what? It wasn't the quantity that was the biggest problem and still the biggest problem, it was the poor support for the phones via updates. The best phone they had was the Desire HD, That was supported for a long time! But after that it went all down hill despite all the flagships being good enough for the updates.
Look at Samsung, they have countless phones out on the market right now but they have the biggest part of the Android phone market, clearly quantity is not the problem.
I think what HTC needs to do now they have great quality phones (HTC One's being praised as the best built phone on the market by most reviewers) is:
-Continued support for flagship and mid range phones for 18-24 months (most contract lengths)
-Have one 7 phones: A Flagship Extreme(AKA PRIME), Flagship, Mid range series, Low range series and have all phones in Windows Phone and Android.

That's literally it.

meh, no need for all these different model phones. Keep the HTC One M8 and screw the prime. It isnt needed and just throwing more hardware on a device to get sales. People need to realize this isnt 10 years ago. More hardware is not needed or makes much of a difference. Especially with KK.