HTC planning mystery launch event on September 15

HTC sent out an invite on Friday for a mystery launch event on September 15.

Neowin and several other publications received the invite that asked us to "come see what HTC has dreamt up 15 September in London". The timing is significant as Microsoft is planning to launch Windows Phone 7 in October. It's possible that HTC may unveil their first Windows Phone 7 launch device.

Pictures of a pre-production HTC Mozart leaked earlier this month, fueling speculation this is the companies first Windows Phone 7 device. There's also talk of HTC introducing a new Android based tablet or a new Android phone - the Ace (HTC Desire HD). Stay tuned for September 15 to see what the company is planning.

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A close friend of mine works for HTC and he told me what's coming out for the next few months (under strict conditions not to tell anyone obviously) however I can say it's pretty cool what they're announcing but it's nothing to lose sleep over. Something that has been rumoured for a while and most of the current rumours may be true

I've heard rumours that a HTC Vision will be released next month - supposed to be a Desire with a slide-out keyboard.