HTC Product Manager acknowledges M8 Prime and insults @evleaks in tweet

Chances are if you’ve read about a mobile device leak or have seen leaked pictures within the past couple years, it originated from @evleaks. The extremely credible leaker has become one of the best sources for information in the field of mobile devices. While some may not agree with the idea of leaks, Leigh Momii, product manager for HTC, decided to share her feelings and took the time yesterday to respond to an @evleaks tweet.

In response to @evleaks tweet “The coolest M8 Prime feature isn’t even on the spec sheet…”, Momii let loose her inner fifth-grader by tweeting an insulting “it’s up your butt”, unintentionally acknowledging the existence of the HTC M8 Prime.

Although product leaks are unfortunate, they are becoming a growing part of the industry. Over the past couple years some of the best devices have been leaked online, well before their intended release date. While the leaks provide amazing news for technology websites like Neowin, it causes horrific nightmares for PR teams, product managers, and affected companies.

While it’s not difficult to understand this type of response, it is hard to understand why a product manager would actually respond publicly. As of this post the tweet is still live and has 40 RT’s and 80 favorites. 

Source: via Twitter | Image via Twitter

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ITT: people that don't understand the joke and the fact that it's based on a meme that's been floating for the past few weeks where terms like "the cloud" and other tech-world buzz words are replaced with "butt" or "your butt" or "the butt" and so on. There's even a Chrome extension/Greasemonkey script that replaces "cloud" and "the cloud" with "butt" and "your butt" out there which makes things pretty hilarious considering just how often we see "cloud" and "the cloud" nowadays.

It's a joke, folks, and if someone has to explain it to you well... you figure it out. :D

I modified it so now it changes cloud to butt and vice versa. So I read it as "It's up your cloud." Not bad I'd say.

Yet another "Product Manager". Sigh.

You must be very smart to blame a third party for a leak that they got info about from one of your own employees. But then again, Product Managers never really needed much logic.

Sounds like she's new to the job and a little out of her depth. You don't expect much from corporate managers, but that was pretty immature and pathetic of her.

Yo dawg, I heard you like Neowin, so I put a link to Neowin in an article on Neowin, so you can Neowin while you Neowin.

Enron said,
Yo dawg, I heard you like Neowin, so I put a link to Neowin in an article on Neowin, so you can Neowin while you Neowin.

Well I'd be LOLed!

siah1214 said,
Don't shoot the messenger.

I was thinking the same thing. Blaming evleaks for somebody leaking details of their phone is like blaming Sky News for the deaths in Syria. Stop the leak at it's source.

Auzeras said,
Wait wut? How does her outburst even slightly acknowledge the M8 Prime's existence?

Yep, bit of a long draw of the bow, that one.