HTC will launch a new Windows Phone product in 2013

HTC may have just announced their new Android-based "super phone, the HTC One, but the Taiwan-based smartphone maker is still planning on introducing new phones that run on Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system. The company launched the HTC Windows Phone 8X in November and the cheaper HTC Windows Phone 8S was launched a few weeks later, although that phone won't be coming to the US market.

During the Mobile World Congress trade show this week, Tai Ito, HTC's vice president for Global Product Planning, told CNET, "We are actually fully committed to our Windows Phone business. We do have good collaboration with Microsoft for a future release this year."

Earlier this week, LG said it would not launch any new Windows Phone devices due to their feeling that the market is not big enough for such a product. HTC's Ito, however, seems to want to work to grow sales of Windows Phone 8 devices, saying, "I understand that Windows Phone 8 is not as good as the market expected, we think that it could take time and we will continue working with them."

Ito also seems to hint that we should not look for HTC to launch a big screen Windows Phone device, like the 4.7 inch HTC One has. HTC is also rumored to be working on two unannounced tablets that will run on Windows RT.

Source: CNET

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I am through with HTC, Microsoft and AT&T when it comes to Windows Phone period. They have all shown disregard for the Windows Phone platform.

HTC - buggy phones like my HTC Titan.

Microsoft - Abandoning platforms and leaving customers stranded with applications that are only being upgrade for the new platform only.

AT&T - for their sh*tty one sided view of update for just NOKIA and none for HTC or others.

At this point, the only way I will return to Windows Phone is if Microsoft has a phone that is unlocked like the Google Nexus and they are responsible for giving it the updates and upgrades to the OS on the phone. Otherwise, they can rock steady on my third finger. I refuse to throw away anymore hard earned cash.

"I understand that Windows Phone 8 is not as good as the market expected, we think that it could take time and we will continue working with them."

go **** yourself HTC. is that why you copied the live tiles in your newest android phone? is that why you had a 2 year head start on nokia with windows phone, yet they're outselling you badly? if youre using an OS that's as the market expects(android), why are you still losing money? could it be because of a ****ty product?

'Windows Phone 8 not as good as the market expected'

That roughly translates to; we have no clue what to make of Window Phone 8 and feel more at home with Android..

They might want to take a few pointers from Nokia on what they can do ..

At the least I expect to see new devices in Q4 again with a updated WP8, maybe 8.5 if they're still on that one big update a year cycle.