HTC's premium tablet nears announcement

Although things are not going great for HTC, its brand new premium tablet is getting ready to debut soon according to recent leaks. It is still unknown if it will be the (previously leaked) Nexus 8 or another device, but the leaks indicate it will be more of a premium tablet compared to the Nexus 7.

Surrounded by a metal chassis, the device will have a 8.9" 2560x1600 pixels display, powered by a 64-bit Tegra processor and 4 GB RAM. The device is also expected to ship with Android L out of the box without the HTC Sense UI, and the RAM will be coming in two 2 GB slots, taking advantage of Android L's 64-bit backend. The tablet will also feature an 8 MP rear camera along with a a 1.6 MP front-facing one. A Qualcomm-made LTE modem will be included for connectivity purposes.

However, these great specifications won't come cheap. The tablet will probably be more expensive than the Nexus series, and is expected to be priced around the $350 mark; It will probably be cheaper than the $400 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, though.

Although it is still unknown if the device will carry the "Nexus" brand, the leaks came as a device code named "0P8210000" passed certification in South Korea. Previous leaks by @evleaks had the same code name on the back of the device, which adds credibility to the claim that the leaks were indeed real and the announcement of the new Nexus is getting imminent.

The sources expect the Nexus 8 - believed to be the new premium tablet by HTC in this case - to be unveiled next month, probably to steal some hype from the IFA expo and Apple's new products. Until then, every leak must be taken with a grain of salt.

Source: Upleaks via phonearena

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So this "upleaks" is the new evleaks? i'm curious where the source come from. Can all these leaks provided by the company/brand itself? just a theory

It is kind of the "new evleaks" as evleaks himself has endorsed this handle. So can say it's pretty credible right from the start.

Hmm.. sounds like a killer smartphone. Decent camera for a tablet, I guess. Interested to see how Android L runs on 64-bit.

spark7210 said,

Don't want, mi tab is here with same specs and lower price.

Dude, you can't just compare HTC and Spice in one breath. You can't!

Mohitster said,

This is just "decent" spec?

spark7210 said,

Don't want, mi tab is here with same specs and lower price.

This very powerful nVidia Tegra K1 64-bit Dual Core which is making it a killer Gaming tablet and it $100 cheaper then iPad Air