HTC's full 2009 line-up leaked

wmpoweruser is reporting that HTC's full 2009 line-up of mobile devices has been leaked online.

Next month sees the Mobile World Congress 2009 where we expect to hear more about Windows Mobile 6.5 and some new 6.5 powered HTC devices. So far 25 new HTC device photos have been leaked and the most notable Windows Mobile ones can be found below.

HTC Diamond 2?

New HTC Excalibur, T-Mobile Dash?

Athena 2

A new media centric device:

Touch Pro HD?

For all the HTC products please checkout PPCgeeks.

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All I am waiting for is an HTC phone like my current Touch Pro, but with a decent flash/camera and a bottom-slide 123,456,789 keypad. That would be my ideal.

Only improvement upon that would be vast storage space like 160gb. Then i could fully replace my iPod too...

Also, regarding the info in the link... if there's going to be a Windows Mobile 7 Beta, could this be hinting at more upgradeable WinMo phones?