HTC's Windows Phone spotted on Verizon's website ahead of launch

We've been waiting for it for a really long time but we're mere minutes away from the start of HTC's New York event, where the company is expected to unveil the new HTC One with Windows Phone.

The flagship device is based on its Android counterpart, reportedly featuring the same internals as well as the same awesome design. We've seen numerous leaks and rumors regarding the HTC One with Windows Phone, and we can add a new one to that list.

Verizon has seemingly jumped the gun, again, and has started promoting the new flagship Windows Phone in its offers. As you can see in the image above, the two version of the phone, Android and Windows Phone are displayed side by side.

With the unveiling of the new device happening later o today, customers will soon have a choice between two operating systems on one great device.

Stay tuned to Neowin as we bring you all the important news from HTC's event.

Update: Here's the actual device being launched. It's available today!

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Lets hope its launched in the UK at the same time, I'm undecided between this and the Lumia 930. I think the SD card will sway me this way. I love the HTC One owning a M7 for the last year.

Well just think about the pictures you could put on that. Either you can add 32+128 gb of ###### pictures or 32 gb of good pictures..

I have a hard time buying a Windows Phone from HTC, their support for the platform has been tepid as best. I know that you can join the developer preview program but HTC has a spotty history of update/phone support. But hey, the more to the party the better

Even being on the developer preview program is no longer a guarantee to have updates before global rollout... At least for HTC 8X users such as myself.
8S users are even less supported as they will not have access to WP8.1 U1 at all... Dev preview or official.
Geez HTC...
At least something i am looking forward to is to try WP8.1 U1 on my HTC One M8 Android Edition. It looks like the bootloaders are the same if we trust @upleaks... :D

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