Huawei targeting mobile market with Andorid based phone

Huawei, the Shenzhen, China based telecommunications equipment supplier, famous for its affordable networking products and services, has announced a very pleasant add-on to their product range, a Google Android based cell phone.

Many do not know it, but Huawei already has one smart phone device, used by mobile operators as their own products. James Chen, the director of marketing for the company's terminals division, in an interview with PCWorld said that that is better in case that a company does not have enough resources for good software. However, with a solution like Google Android, they can use it for an easy customization, for mobile network operators. This is the only market that the Huawei phones target. There is no chance that they will hit the open market. Huawei has a lot of experience in this area, because their modems and routers are widely accepted from Internet providers all over the world.

The even more important benefit of using open-source software, like Android, is that it decreases the final products price, which is very important in the future days when people need a modern and up-to-date phone, without giving too much money for it.

Chen also added that his company does not need a partner for projects like this, the only barrier between them and success is the lack of money.

A little bit in the shadow of this news, but also important is the announcement of a smart phone, which will be available in the same time as this one, but with a difference in operative system. The other phone will use a Symbian operative system.

In its plans for the future, Huawei is getting ready for integrating 3G modules into laptops or netbooks. It is obvious that mobile PCs worldwide are lacking such an option, and you are sentenced to use a dongle or PCMCIA or Express card. Chan added that this transition will go slowly, because of many things differ in provider setups in the world.

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You've probably met some of their devices, but you didn't know who manufactures them, becouse a lot of ISP's and mobile providers use their equipment with their own labels stamped on. As this phone, almost none of their products are on the open market.

neufuse said,
I'm sorry, but who? Now if they said Cisco, then that'd definatly be a accepted name amoung almost ALL ISP's

They're big in China from what I understand.

Marshalus said,
They're big in China from what I understand.

Well, a lot of big companies use their 3G dongles and other modems such as Vodafone, TMobile, Telenor... The ISP's also use their routers a lot. The other side that we don't se is the equipment in the centrals such as D-Slams.