Hugo Chavez joins Twitter

Reuters is reporting Venezuela's 11 year leader Hugo Chavez joined Twitter on Tuesday and has just recently posted his first tweet.

The tweet, that in English says, "Hey how's it going? I appeared like I said I would: at midnight. I'm off to Brazil. And very happy to work for Venezuela. We will be victorious!!" was posted on his account @chavezcandanga. Candanga translates to "devil" in some countries but it is known in Venezuela to mean someone who is strong-willed and rebellious or even a trouble-maker. 

Venezuelans have flocked to the micro-blogging website and now have over 200,000 active accounts after an over 1,000% rise in usage in 2009. Chavez requires that all TV and radio stations run his speeches which often exceed seven hours.

Venezuela's opposition have found social networking websites like Twitter to be beneficial as they are easily and instantly accessible and have no government oversight. The influence of these websites is becoming increasingly apparent after he has been forced to start a "media war" and ordered his supporters to use websites like Twitter and Facebook. 

Since his account was created he has gained over 28,500 followers. Chavez reportedly told members of his cabinet to look at the website for his updates laughing, "I'll be breaking loose there ... Keep an eye out". 

Chavez is renowned for his hours-long speeches and he may feel restricted by Twitter's 140-character limit. 

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oh! this is not that kind of news where i want the name of my Country we are better than this! not just this psyco!

Critical Error said,
Wohoo! Im going to follow him now! I know, he surely did some bad things, but in my country he has an image of a comedian.

Leading a country to it's bankruptcy it's not comedy

And this is news because?... that MoFo doesnt even deserve to be named!... This is plain pathetic, to join a "imperialist service", after been criticizing it in public.
You are going down "Esteban" (pple choose to named that way, we cant even stand his real lame name) , September 26 is the begging of the end for your dictation gov.!
And the poster of this pseudo-news should think twice before posting this kind of stuff. I tough this were a tech site, nor a politician news site, no matter if this miscalled "leader" (read DICTATOR) joins a web site.
Been here for quite a while, and never have had been so ****ed with a news posted here!... Plz, if you dont know the reality of my country, stop posting this kind of stuff!
11 years wasting our money and embracing the Cuban like gov. no more! ...Tas ponchao'

Another in a growing list of reasons, why I don't twitter.
I've got better things to do with my time than to twitter/facebook away the day.

Computer Guru said,
"11 year old leader" ???????????

Yeap. He won his first elections in 1998. He promises to stay in power until 2021. That's 11 more years of suffering for Venezuela.

FDM said,

Yeap. He won his first elections in 1998. He promises to stay in power until 2021. That's 11 more years of suffering for Venezuela.

No doubt. The guy is an idiot. He reminds me of Kim Jon Il of N. Korea just without the flaming chick sunglasses.