I am a PC and 7 years old

Last week we had Kylie, a 4 year old girl using Windows Live Photo Gallery to send pictures to her family, in the new Microsoft Rookies ad campaign. Now we have Alexa, a 7 year old who yet again uses Windows Live Photo Gallery

<a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=5f5cb7c7-bc7c-4b6a-bc03-54a02f0ed77c" target="_blank">Video: The Rookies: Alexa, Age 7</a>

Alexa takes different pictures of her room and puts it all in one picture to make a panaromic picture using Windows Live Photo Gallery

The ad still sticks to its underlying message which is, how easy are Windows products to use. Microsoft quotes,

It's easy at any age with Windows Live Photo Gallery. If Alexa can do it, how about you?

Is it going to be a 11 year old next?

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I don't understand why microsoft has to advertise much, when you goto the store and buy a PC, theres windows, and windows to choose from.

Gabe3 said,
I don't understand why microsoft has to advertise much, when you goto the store and buy a PC, theres windows, and windows to choose from.

They really don't have to. The world doesn't care about Apple, aside from the tech gadgets they put out. Apple may be innovative, but they are also ultimately irrelevant.

Yes, there's Windows everywhere.

Then again, MS is a far cry from their 95%+ market share of years ago. But that isn't a big issue at this time, at least for consumers.

The good news is, is that Windows 7 looks like it'll be able to sell itself.

I think they're trying to advertise Windows Live (the program she uses is Windows Live Photo Gallery), not just Windows...

It's a great ad I'd say, something fresh from Microsoft's side. Its an attempt to show how easy it is to use a PC contradictory to what most Apple fans claim. A seven year old can also work on a PC and do her own thing.
I think LTD's remarks are very biased towards Apple, I don't feel its a way to counter/damage control Apple's ads. Cute kids have been in ads for decades now, and it never gets old, cause that's what life is about, everyone was a KID, some will have kids, some have kids, some had kids, its not like they're using an object. This way old aunts, cute kids, sexy girls should've been a failed concept by now. If I had to get a computer for my child, I would NOT fall for the cool kid ad where he bashes the opponent, I would rather be repulsed by it. I mean, yes people remember their ads, but is it really helping them? No. "I had a laugh or two, Oh Apple makes good ads", but thats about it. Thats where the story ends, I don't think they're helping the consumer make a decision. Funny ad there Apple, I'm gonna go back and work on my PC now. Thanks for the humor!

Actually, I think the "I'm a PC" campaign killed the Apple's "I'm a Mac" campaing. Nobody will take Mac ads seriously, since the parody of a PC as a dorky middle-aged "regional sales manager" won't work anymore.

Apple needs to start presenting Mac on its own merits, not on the perceived, and ultimately, invalidated PC flaws.

Another good ad. Shows that Microsoft continues to produce commercials that talk about what their products can do instead of bad mouthing the competition and flashing a logo at the end.

And yes, the kids were 7 and 4.5 years old...but I am sure they learned some of the stuff on their own or learned it quickly being taught. Kids are smart these days and can do some crazy stuff.

And as for LTD is concerned, ignore him and he will go away like a bad habit. He thrives off of other disagreeing with him so let him have his opinion since he is the only one expressing them and it doesnt effect us at all.

You know, when I first came onto this site and began reading these comments LTD was completely unintelligable. He really was the epitome of "frothing at the mouth fanboy." Surprisingly, he's writing very well these days. I'm very surprised that people make a big deal about him at all. I'm disappointed that, given his clear opinions, everyone else suddenly has seemingly become rabid fanboys who can't either respect his opinion and not say anything, or who can't respond without making personal attacks.

This article is about Microsoft's new advertisement. If we're not commenting to give our opinion on it, what are we supposed to be commenting on?

^^ Agreed.

Just because other sites tolerate extreme one-sidedness (such as Apple evangelism sites) from posters doesn't mean that we should sink down to their level to get revenge at them.

i agree - LTD's (relatively) recent ability to communicate in a well-rounded, concise, literal manner is a credit to him.

I will however comment that his views are not 'one-sided', but more 'unchangeable'. It's *that* which is not constructive with respect to debate.

I can't wait for the commercial of the little girl playing CoD or something gaming related. That might be below the belt though eh?

Ads like these were a novelty, but now they're just boring and repetitive. The message itself seems to run directly counter to what a MS product is actually like. Which means a lot of bull excrement. It seems more like cheap shots in the face of MS's highly adopted software (and the Microsoft ads were proven to be quite effective.)

It's as if Apple said "that's it, we're out of ideas. Let's try the old standby of bashing Microsoft thinly disguised as promoting our product."

It's already getting old. It's a bit too opaque. But we'll see how this goes. One day Apple will actually get the advertising their own stuff thing right. They're not there yet with this. Someday, though. Someday.

With regard to the I'm a PC campaign I feel it can only do good for MS and give them a good boost. True they need to address other aspects such as cost of products etc

And the girl is this MS video is 7, not 9. Way to compare Apples and Oranges there, you twit. Try thinking before you post.

And my mom can out program your mom...but seriously, did Apple make it possible for the boy to program? No, therefore your comment has no relevance here.

Out of everything posted in here, my comment was deemed inappropriate?

I would tell you what I think of your edit, but I feel that you'd edit that out too.


I think that LTD's "Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field Device" got turned to hyper-smug for this thread.

Seriously, everyone I know laughs at the Apple Ads - at how completely out-of-touch they are and how frat-boy'ish the "Apple" guy is.

On the other hand, I now have 3 Apple systems in my little studio / office. 1 iBook G3 with a battery that won't hold for 3 minutes, an iBook G4 that is so screwed-up that it won't recognize ANY hard drive (Apple's Diagnostics checks the drive controller and it says that it's fine, and I've tried 3 different 2.5" drives that work wonderfully under Windows - and it's not the logic board, because Apple's Diagnostics says that it's "fine" as well), and a Graphite G4 tower that hates every SCSI controller I can put in it. In contrast, I have a Dell Laptop that will hold a charge for 2hrs and has been running XP since XP came out with zero problems, a Toshiba laptop that runs Win2K perfectly, and 2 other Windows boxes that I built when the G4 tower was new that have had zero hardware & software failures.

I think that I've found the common-thread for Mac users: Sado-mascochism.

I want the one that goes something like this:

I'm 18 and I download porn, lots of porn, and then I watch.