IBM and Second Life to build 3D internet

IBM and Second Life creator Linden Lab have teamed up to further advance digital 3D worlds. The partnership seeks to accelerate the development of open standards to promote the creation of more digital 3D environments.

The project will look at secure transactions and ways to increase the stability and quality of service of 3D platforms. The companies will also seek to introduce interoperability by creating universal avatars. Most 3D platforms currently lack interoperability. A Second Life player, for example, cannot stroll around in a Google Maps projection.

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What I find interesting is that a lot of people just do not understand Second Life. A lot of people call it a game, which is wrong. Second Life is one plain thing: what you make it.

If you read Philip Rosedale's (Philp Linden) description of how he did it (came up with SL/made it grow) you will see that he wanted to create a virtual environment. A 3d world where you, the person behind the screen, could create anything you wanted with the tools they provided. It is almost like walking outside and picking up a piece of wood to carve out a figurine.

If you complain about the content being a bit on the adult side, you have only seen a tiny tiny bit of the SL world! If you can manipulate an in world building block (a prim) and texture it with something nice, you can build anything you want! Some people, me included, are programmers inside SL and use the internal language to make things come more alive.

The worst thing I can say about SL is that the learning curve is steep. If you think you are coming here to have a premade world handed to you, most of the time you will be bored quick. This is not World of Warcraft where a gnome hands you a hammer and says "I need you to kill some rats for me!"

One edit to add: It seems that IBM and a group of partner companies are doing just what SL was created for. Building a new environmen and a new way to interact with the world you see on your computer screen. I am hoping the project grows just as Second Life has.

My only complaint about SL is the interface to the world. I wish it resembled, say, anything. It's never made sense to me and because of that I haven't really gotten into it. I've seen the sort of things that happen through Second Life and personally I think it's just plain amazing.

So far everyone who has posted something here are against it -or do not have enough imagination what it could really be.
I think topic is extremely interesting. In future computers are so fast and capable that we just cant imagine it right now.

Like optical circuits, they are gonna increase speed vastly -another thing is quantum techniques..

I think that so called 'More's Law' is not enough in future, progress is gonna be even faster! And what is that gonna make to virtual reality?

Body implants which create false sensations together with extremely fast computers and web, it might lead to situations where drugs are not necessarily anymore to put people out of their minds! Virtual reality is going to be so real that ppl. go nuts and they can't separate real and so called cyberspace anymore.. or if they can it still might be too confusing.

And then you could find some dead nerds from their seats after spending too much time connected to machines without food and water.
-Unless there is somekind of automated life support systems and alerts which bring user out when their body needs something.. :D

I don't know, good or bad. Maybe both. Cybersex makes real prostitution smaller problem in that phase. :P Like after few decades.. . .
Anyhow, 3Dweb is not gonna be just 3D webpages, IMO.

And if practical implementations have failed sofar, it does not mean that it is gonna be that way for ever.

This is a bad idea... Who wants to browse a 3D internet? The internet is mostly documents... *yawn*.

All they're really saying is they're building a 3D GAME where business can pay to put a store up.

A better idea would be to create a 3D EARTH REPLICA. Completely down to the street level where you can walk around any major city and travel and sight-see actual landmarks.

3d Internet using vrml (199?) = failed.
3d Internet using Java (199?) = failed.
3d internet using flash (199?) = failed.
3d internet using a third party software (199?) = failed.
3d Internet using xml (200?) = failed and was plain stupid, xml is a overhyped crap.
3d Internet using a 3d cubed browser (200?) = failed.

And now 3d internet using the craptastic second life = ________

Where was the Market Research? How many people here want their web to be 3D?! Hmmm... I think I'll take a stroll down to lol.

Personally, I'd never use a "3D Internet" it would be too hard to navigate and get to what you wanted... how it works now is easy... I don't want to have to walk to my search engine or have it fly to me or what not