IBM Introduces New Hard Disks

Ripped from Windows 2000 Mag.

IBM introduced three new hard disks in its Deskstar and Travelstar product lines. According to IBM, its new Deskstar 120GXP offers 120GB capacity with the industry's lowest-power consumption 3.5" hard disk. The Travelstar product line adds 2.5" models for nontraditional devices such as 24 x 7 blade-server environments and 60GH and 40GN family models. The 60GH and 40GN family contains disks that range in capacity from 10GB to 60GB for notebook computers.

These new products take advantage of IBM's antiferromagnetically coupled (AFC) media technology, which is also called "pixie dust." The innovative technology adds a thin layer of the element ruthenium onto the disks inside the hard disks. AFC enables higher density in disks, which lets users store more data.

Fujitsu also recently announced its use of ruthenium in its products, which lets the company release hard disks that pack more storage in a smaller case. IBM and Fujitsu developed their technologies independently.

News source: Windows 2000 Magazine

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