IBM to Cut 1,315 Jobs in U.S., Union Says

International Business Machines Corporation, the world's largest technology services company, is cutting 1,315 services-related jobs in the United States, affecting employees in a variety of areas including computer server systems operations, technology integration and management and financial services, according to the Alliance at IBM, a union group affiliated with the Communications Workers of America. IBM spokesman John Bukovinsky said he could not confirm the number of job cuts and said the cuts "should not be a surprise" as the company indicated after its latest earnings report on April 17 that it planned to cut costs in the United States. Bukovinsky said the company does not anticipate a charge against earnings for the job cuts, which he characterized as normal for a services business that is dependent on the changing demands of clients.

IBM had 355,766 employees worldwide at the end of 2006, according to its annual report.

News source: eWeek

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Funny this news is coming from the union since they're probably mostly to blame.

Unions are destroying america. They are what keep us from competing better on the world stage.

Somewhat correct, and definately a true statement in many respects (unions tend to want too much and defeat their own purpose). However, why does America have to be in a position to compete in the "free-market" against countries that do not have strong labor laws? It seems to me we should have used our leverage to force our trading partners to come to our level long ago, rather than us racing to the bottom with the rest of them.

Unions are not destroying America, they serve a vital role, however they haven't been doing a lot of good for themselves (or their members) lately. They do prevent us from competeing, however that is not their fault. There is a bigger picture to look at here.

Protectionism is not evil, or even bad. Read up on your "free-market" (whatever that means) bible, Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations.

Well, I work for IBM for system X client support operations in Atlanta and there's no word of this in our facility as of yet.