IBM To Help Educate China's Outsourcing Pros

IBM said Tuesday that it will work with the Chinese government to develop a tech and business services curriculum for the country's top universities. "This services initiative will strengthen our role as China's innovation partner," said IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, who is on a whirlwind tour of the People's Republic during which the company has announced a host of new initiatives aimed at boosting its presence in the country. Palmisano was speaking in Beijing Tuesday.

Under the education plan, IBM will work with China's Ministry of Education to introduce a services science curriculum within Chinese universities and business schools. Courses offered under the Services Science, Management & Engineering program will focus on case studies of real businesses and scientific programs and draw on computer science, operations research, industrial engineering, management sciences, and other disciplines.

IBM, intent on boosting its long stagnant top line, is increasing its overall focus on China -- one of the world's fastest growing technology markets. Last week, the company said it would launch a $180 million fund in partnership with Lehman Brothers to invest in midsize and mature Chinese companies. Earlier this year, IBM moved its head purchasing office from upstate New York to Shenzhen.

The company currently maintains a staff of about 8,300 in China. That number that is expected to rise substantially as IBM's initiatives in the country gain steam.

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Ageed, China is emerging in a big way. The U.S. cannot possibly outspend China in defense, and China has already proved that they are stratigizing ways to contain the U.S., or possibly attempt to take us out. Just the other day, one of their subs surfaced 5 miles from the USS Kitty Hawk without being detected. Not only were they not detected, they pulled this off in the middle of a major US military training exercise in the Pacific. This is scary stuff, as their is no civilian-government control over China's military. Every dumb-*ss US citizen that shops at Wal-Mart, and the likes, is directly funding the Chinese military buildup.

Although China is worrysome, there is one major factor that keeps all well. The huge surpluses China is enjoying, like the U.S. deficits, would disappear if trade halted and military conflict started. The U.S. and China both have a justified interest in continued trade, however the Chinese government absolutely needs to reform their currency valuation. The current Chinese currency policy works to undermind free-trade principles, and has absolutely destroyed the production sectors of Western economies.

China is already pumping out more science and technology graduates annually than any other country. These graduates will work harder and for less than the bums in the west. Like it or not, China will pose a serious threat, in the near future, to the current technological powerhouses. No one can afford to be complacent.

Returning to the topic, do the Chinese have to become Mormons to get IBM's cash?

i dont know why people here its complaining, america its the best country and the most tecnological advanced how can IBM help china can give them an advantage that they dont have, Of course its easier to complain instead of work harder and compete.

HAHAHAHA, thats a good one. That must be some advanced rock you live under. How can you compete with a country that allows a cheese sandwich to be weekly pay? Besides you keep on deluding yourself and think your the best country all the while the rug is being pulled from under you. The thing that should tick you off about that is that its the ones you seem to support that are doing the pulling. Oh well, you'll always have Baywatch.......You reap what you sow

Isn't this akin to digging one's own grave? But than again corporations would sell your own mother for a quick buck without considering the long term consequences.

Quote - Coolme said @ #4.1
They could cut IBM's tax incentives.

IBM pays taxes? java script:emoticon(':blink:','')

its great i mean, I think that IBM knows what its the potential to invest in china it somehow becomes the next biggest economy in the world