IBM turns 100 today

On June 16, 1911 a company called Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (C-T-R) officially opened for business in New York City. In 1924 it changed its name to something most of you recognize: International Business Machines, otherwise known as IBM. Today the company that pioneered the modern tech industry celebrates its 100 anniversary.

In a press release today, IBM goes over just some of the products and achievements the company has made in the last 100 years. Among them was the launch of the IBM Personal Computer back in 1981 which started the trend of having a PC in the home rather than just at the office. PCs that copied IBM's basic design are still in use today even though IBM itself sold off its PC business in 2005 to Levono. Before the IBM PC the company was known for making massive computers mostly for large businesses.

IBM has launched a special web site to celebrate its 100th birthday. Some of the company's other major achievements include the electric typewriter (actually acquired from another company), the floppy disk for PCs, the first magnetic hard disk drive and most recently Watson, the supercomputer that gained fame earlier this year by beating the top players of the TV show Jeopardy. IBM holds more patents than any other US company.

Not everything has gone smoothly for the company over the years. In 1969, the US Department of Justice filed an anti-trust lawsuit against IBM, claiming that the company had a monopoly on computers made for business. After 13 years the Justice Department finally dropped the lawsuit in 1982.

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One of my first programming gigs was on an IBM 1401 back in the 1960s. I had to punch cards to program it in assembler code, and the db was on tape drives. Later I used a 1410, which had a 20-platter 18" hdd in a cabinet the size of a refrigerator.

I do not think anyone can deny all the achievements I.B.M. made during all these years.
Happy birthday and keep on trucking!

6205 said,
Happy anniversary and thanks for your outstanding support..

- Adolf Hitler

What an unfortunate name you have. Don't worry, I won't mention the war.

RagBacker said,

IBM done business with the Nazis:

Get over it. Lots of companies did business with the Nazis. They were a world power at one time.
IBM made sure to try and redeem itself by basically putting any and all efforts towards the U.S. government during the war. And Watson returned the medal he got.

Also, did you know Ford had dealings with Nazis? What a shocker! /sarcasm

Congrats IBM, oh and thanks for what is probably THE best typewriter of all time, the IBM Selectric II. Typed up many a research essay on that badboy and also, thanks for correction tape on rollers

Gladiatorus said,
What did they compute in 1911?

The original company CTR, was apparently a conglomeration of a tabulating machine company and a "computing scale" company.

Gladiatorus said,
What did they compute in 1911?

Before we had "computers" there was still a need to crunch numbers. Computations still needed doing and the people who performed these tasks were the "computers." C-T-R probably offered services and/or machines to assist with this.

GreyWolf said,
Happy birthday! I will pull out my unopened box of 8-inch floppies today and reflect upon them.
lol hope you have fun doing that

GreyWolf said,
Happy birthday! I will pull out my unopened box of 8-inch floppies today and reflect upon them.

Ya know, 8 inch 'floppies' are still impressive

GreyWolf said,
Happy birthday! I will pull out my unopened box of 8-inch floppies today and reflect upon them.

ill just reminisce on my 1.44MB floppies (TDK Brand) that say 'IBM Formatted' on them that i got back in 1996. lol

hell, i still used them not to long ago. for flashing my XBox360 drive through DOS (although lately that's usually windows) and then not to long ago to update my 2TB Samsung 5400RM HDD firmware from dos

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