IBM's India Hiring Binge Continues

According to Tuesday's IBM annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the work force at International Business Machines Corporation grew 8% in 2006, with most of the rise coming in India. IBM noted that at the end of 2006 it employed a total of 355,766 people, up from 329,373 one year earlier. Its base in India was 52,000 people, up from 36,000 a year ago. Three years earlier, IBM had just 9,000 people there, before the company dramatically stepped up its efforts to lower costs by doing more software development, services work and customer support from India. That makes India the second-largest center for IBM, trailing only the United States, where IBM's work force rose slightly to 127,000.

News source: Physorg

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IBM = India Business Machines
My experience with IBM workstations is they are about as reliable as Emachines. Servers and laptops are pretty good though.

IBM used to be all quality, but I agree that toward the end (leading to the Lenovo purchase) their workstation lines were junk. They were cheap quality and had all sorts of quirks supporting common hardware. Their servers have always been great in my experience.

Dakkaroth you are an idiot. IBM doesnt sell any consumer electronics, so what technical support are you talking about? Dont tell me you own their AIX series boxes or servers Troll!

Great. More hard-to-understand "technical support". They should offer a premium technical support with people that speak English and have a clue about computers. I'd pay a bit extra for that. :\