IBM's Watson poised to take over salesmen jobs

IBM continues to use their technology to take over the world. First Watson became a Jeopardy champion and later the company started pushing their solution to assist doctors in the medical world. Now it appears that Watson will attempt to become the world’s best salesman and according to Extremetech the first implementation IBM has planned is for Watson to sell itself to perspective customers.

The thought behind this plan is that there’s no way for a sales force to be completely versed in every product and service that a company sells. A computer, on the other hand, can be loaded full of every piece of information about the company’s portfolio. Although other search technologies can also be loaded full of information, Watson excels at understanding natural language which allows it to comprehend the nuances of what is being asked. IBM envisions that their tool can be used to answer questions both online where a user can type in their request as well as on the phone or through a Twitter feed.

The question of whether people are ready to accept advice from a computer is still something that IBM needs to overcome. Users are used to asking Google for answers to their questions, but who hasn’t been a little freaked out with the predictive search displaying your search phrase after typing only a few letters? Watson promises to expand that “wow” factor and may be off-putting for many people.

Image Courtesy of IBM

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I would really like to talk to all of the people on this thread worried about jobs.

Take a look at the industrial revolution. Thousands of jobs were lost. Were the countries of the world in peril then? Perhaps. Did we find ways to cope? Sure. Were new jobs created as a part of the strategic shift in using machines for large scale manufacturing. Of course!

These sorts of shifts in the human experience are a good step toward where we need to go.

When we live in a world where people don't need to pick up crappy jobs in order to 'make a living' and people can just focus on living, the human experience would be improved.

Now we need to start working on machines necessary for a self-sustaining infrastructure.

Let's stop living like workers, and start living like humans.

From what I've seen and heard some sales people spouting to customers I think Watson couldn't do any worse maybe even be better considering most sales people I've ever talked to don't know anything other than few lines read from the sales brochure

And what happens to those customers who value building up a relationship between themselves and the supplier? part of a sales persons role is to build up a relationship with the customer so that a level of trust is created and sales can be made where the customer is comfortable.

perochan said,
i see real version of terminator coming soon...

I cant wait, this world has become very monotonous. Im bored stiff, fighting a war against machines would be a nice change.

Watson is the beginner of machines controlling the world and taking the jobs of humans. It will be a scary place to live in this planet in 100 or 200 years in the future.

Unix2 said,
Watson is the beginner of machines controlling the world and taking the jobs of humans. It will be a scary place to live in this planet in 100 or 200 years in the future.

Well, our descendants will have to live for art and entertainment of the machines warlords.