ICQ 8.2 Build 7100

ICQ, the pioneer of Instant Messaging (IM), now offers the optimal integration between Instant Messaging and Social Networks with the newest ICQ version – the Social Messaging tool that can be downloaded free of charge. Today, ICQ is an inseparable part of the daily lives of millions of users worldwide, using ICQ daily from their desktop and from various mobile devices.

ICQ makes it easy to find people with similar interests across the globe, to establish new friendships, to communicate with colleagues, family members and friends no matter when or where they are. With ICQ Instant Messenger you can video/audio chat, send email, SMS and wireless-pager messages, as well as transfer files and URLs. If you're away from your personal computer you can still chat with friends and contacts, even where the ICQ client is not installed, by using the web-based ICQ2Go that works from any computer.

Download: ICQ 8.2 Build 7100 | 33.2 MB (Free, ad-supported)
Link: ICQ Home Page

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I remember when I got my first computer back in 1997 and a friend of mine said I HAD to have this.

Didn't even know how to download anything, let alone install it yet, but I figured it out.

Used it for a few months and by that time I had a few people on my list, but no one was ever visible, so never used it after that. Probably the first program I learned how to uninstall also!

To this day, I don't know a single person that uses an IM and is EVER visible. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of an IM? I mean I know you can still send messages when invisible, but sheesh, just seems redundant, to me!

ICQ is full of russian spamers that constantly send spam messages... Me and my friends switched to Skype long time ago

i cant remember mine, but still, icq being updated, i guess there are people using it

but your username being numbers, i dont understand that, but then, i guess, this was the charm of it

I feel the same. Reminds me of the good ol days of gaming with Quake, Quake II, Unreal, Dark Forces:Jedi Knight, ect. We used ICQ to shuttle files and communicate.