IE8 update for Windows 7 Beta released

Microsoft has recently released a 'compatibility and reliability' update for Internet Explorer 8, on the Windows 7 Beta operating system. The update fixes many things, including the following:

  • When Internet Explorer 8 is installed with Adobe Flash Player 10, Internet Explorer may become unresponsive.
  • You experience a Print dialog box that is unusable when you try to print an Adobe PDF document.
  • After a crash, Internet Explorer 8 becomes unresponsive and you must restart the computer to resolve
    the problem.
  • Internet Explorer 8 may crash when you visit some Web sites.
  • Internet Explorer 8 may crash when you resize the browser window.
  • Internet Explorer 8 does not seem to remember information that was stored in cookies on the computer.
  • Popular third-party extensions cause crashes in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Previously blocked third-party extensions are no longer blocked after you upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.
In order to update Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7, head into the Start menu and go to All Programs, followed by Windows Update. According to Ars Technica, these fixes are the ones that are available in the Internet Explorer 8 RC1, that was released for Vista and XP to the public about a month ago.

Keep your eyes out for more Internet Explorer 8 news as it approaches a release in the next couple of months. You can find the Microsoft Support article for the update here.

Download: Windows 7 Beta (x86) Update
Download: Windows 7 Beta (x64) Update

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the update got the same "tabs and window refuse to close after a couple of hours of regular use" bug from RC1.

uninstalled the update...

actually it is not included in the 7022 noted by the many crashes received. I guess Microsoft is a bit harsh to the torrent society ;p

Seems to have fixed the text rendering issues on the 32-bit version of IE8 using Win 7 x64. The 64-bit version of IE8, however, still has some rendering issues, it seems.

Also interesting: the version number after the update for IE8 in Win7 is higher than the RC1 version number in Vista. ^_^

I don't think this speaks well of IE8 being RTM (at least the Win7 version) very soon. At least I can't think of why they would release this then put out the RTM in another week or two. I know the reports said they had the RTM build but if it hasn't actually been given to anyone outside of testers can you really call it RTM?

Flash Player was released today by the way.

Lets hope IE8 for Win XP is released soon as it rumoured to have RTM'd 2 days ago. I'm assuming this new version of flash will work perfectly with IE8 final when that is released.

"When Internet Explorer 8 is installed with Adobe Flash Player 10, Internet Explorer may become unresponsive."

heck that happens to me now with IE7.. was wondering when the heck adobe or MS was going to do something about it

my guess is Microsoft has very little power to make Adobe make a less crappy plugin. Flash 10 was a smack in the face to the planet.

Cool, I was wondering what they were going to do about Win7 Beta users (since IE8 RC1 won't install on that version of Windows, I think?).