IFA: Battle over high-def formats comes to Berlin

Visitors to the IFA consumer electronics show, which opens Friday in Berlin, will have ringside seats to the war over high-definition disc formats raging between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. As the two formats duel for the title of successor to current DVD movie discs, many European consumers haven't decided which kind of player they will buy.

"Everyone is waiting for IFA where many new products are expected to be announced," said Frank Simonis, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association. Both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc have sold in lower quantities in Europe than in other regions and prices are still relatively high, between €599 (US$814 ) and €899, according to Simonis. Currently, five manufacturers have launched Blu-ray Disc players in Europe, including Sony Corp. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Panasonic). Five additional vendors are expected to launch Blu-ray Disc players at IFA, while companies with players already in the market plan to introduce devices with new features, Simonis said.

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I for one am not going to get caught up in this BS. Neither format is going to "win" this war, so it's dual-format players for me or nothing. The transition from DVD to HD is not an upgrade of the magnitude of the one from VHS to DVD. Therefore, I'll live with DVDs until such time as I can buy a reasonably priced player that will play the movies I want to see, no matter which format they're released on.

To hell with all of 'em.

+1 for BOTH, although I have blu-ray.

Seriously, the longer they let players and movies from both formats being sold like that, the worse. The top20 of amazon.com DVDs has around 9 high-def titles. This Christmas it'll be a lot more. Either one format dies by february, or both will coexist...!


...many European consumers haven't decided which kind of player they will buy.
has anyone decided which kind of player they're going to buy?

judging buy the icon i can see which side the author supports... lol

+1 for HD DVD

theyarecomingforyou said,
+1 for Blu-Ray. NEway, I can only find Blu-Ray drives for PC - the only HD-DVD drive is the external X360 drive but that is far from a good solution.

And would you invest in that expensive blue ray pc drive before bluray wins the war?

Honestly ... who would buy one at this stage in the game?

"Everyone is waiting for IFA where many new products are expected to be announced,"[...]

no, im waiting for this bull**** to end and finally be able to chose a format...

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