iHeartRadio and Redbox Windows Phone 8 apps released

Last week, a number of new apps for Windows Phone 8 made their debut in the store, including ABC News, Walgreens and more. Now, two more major apps are available for Windows Phone 8 users and both of them make it easy to find some entertainment options.

The Windows Phone blog reveals that one of the apps is for Redbox. Yes, that red machine that sits outside a bunch of grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations can now be accessed by a Windows Phone 8 app. Users can find their nearest Redbox kiosk and, once that's accomplished, they can go ahead and reserve any DVD, Blu-ray or console disc game that machine has inside for pick up later.

The other new app is iHeartRadio, which gives users a way to find music via streaming radio stations. The app has access to over 1,500 stations all over the US, but if none of them are to your liking, you can create a custom online playlist from the app's 15 million songs. The iHeartRadio app also lets users pin their favorite Internet stations to the Windows Phone 8 Start screen, along with a sleep time, a universal search and more.

Source: Microsoft | Images via Redbox and iHeartRadio

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iHeartRadio was available on WP7 for quite a long time; so it is new to WP8, but not WP in general.

It was the removal of the detection of the HD FM/FM radio functionality (if I remember correctly) that made it stop working on WP8. Which makes the release a bit strangely timed, considering that the FM radio feature is returning in the July/August WP8 update.

This Redbox app is exactly what we needed. Another major company has come out with an official app. However, this one could use some improvements, and I expect they will be coming very soon in their updates. This current version doesn't keep you logged into your account after the app closes. Also, the Find Location option is a little finicky... Sometimes it takes a few presses/touches to work. Also I think their location browser could use a touch of help. Find by Zip, Larger map (maybe on a completely separate tile, and a favorites/nearby results on separate tiles also. Other than that, it is exactly what we needed! Great job so far!

Woo hoo! We're on a roll with the official apps lately, and beautiful ones while at it! Keep bringing them on!