Images, info about Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch leak

Samsung has been rumored to be planning a reveal of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch for some time now, and now new images and information have been leaked that allegedly show a prototype of the device. The Galaxy Gear could be fully revealed by Samsung later this week.

VentureBeat claims to have gotten a hold of a Galaxy Gear prototype from an unnamed source. While they were not allow to take direct photos of the device, they were also shown a promotional video for the Galaxy Gear that the site was apparently able to take images of that show the smartwatch in action.

The article claims that this device will be a companion, rather than a replacement, for a smartphone. The prototype has a large 3-inch display, a 4-megapixel camera inside the strap and speakers in its clasp. The device reportedly lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. VentureBeat claims the watch will support voice commands as well as integration with Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets.

However, the article hints that the Galaxy Gear is meant to be used primarily as a fitness device like the Nike Fuelband or Fitbit Flex. There will be apps made for the smartwatch that will help with tracking heart rate, calories, steps and more. All in all, it sounds like the Galaxy Gear is being made for a rather niche market and that we might have to wait a bit longer for a smartwatch made to truly take over the duties of a smartphone.

Source: VentureBeat | Image via VentureBeat

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Anthony Tosie said,
A 10 hour battery life for a watch? I think I'll pass.

Yea, for a watch that's wayyyyy to short. I like the idea though, but hey, it's a prototype, it may improve.

Wow, that thing looks massive. No chance in hell I'd wear that on my wrist. Try again!

The concept of a large visible display, camera, and speakers, allowing you to video chat on your wrist is very futuristic and nice, but it has to be done in an elegant way. You can't expect people to strap something that looks like that to their wrists right now. We need to take small steps and get the technology there before we try this.

First, if that's really what it looks like, it's hideous.

Second, I hope it has two time display. First would be the current time, and the second would be how much battery life you have left.

I'm not sure what people are expecting from a smart watch. I have a hard time envisioning getting over the issue where its either too small to be a functional smart device or its too large to be a watch. I'm sure some company will surprise me, but even so it seems like its a solution to a nonexistent problem.

CPressland said,
The Pebble is the smart watch I'm looking forward to! ( More so for the OpenSDK and 10 day battery.

I missed this one.. that's actually pretty interesting, especially like how it's basically an extension of your phone. That battery life is definitely a big plus, along with having an easy "event trigger" system plus the option to use the SDK.

I actually hope that thing looks just like that and they do try to maket it, why? Just so it can flop big time, cost them a good chunk of money nd stop anyone else from trying this dumb watch idea ever again. It'd also be good to knock down Samsung a bit, I think they're getting ahead of themselves with the galaxy brands success.

That looks horrible .. and very obstructive ...

How about a design like that wrist thing the Predator wears .. minus the self destruct of course

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