Images of Amazon branded game controller leaked

The rumors about Amazon creating a set-top box with gaming support continue to pop up. Today, the latest story involves leaked images that allegedly show a game controller that has Amazon branding.

The images come from a PDF file that was posted on the Brazilian version of the FCC, Anatel, and show a Bluetooth-based controller with some familiar gamepad features. The photos show the controller has four buttons on the right side, two analog sticks, one on the bottom right and one on the top left, and a D-pad on the bottom left. Trigger buttons can be found on top and around the back.

The images also show some other buttons that are a bit different. The bottom of the controller looks like it has media buttons for play/pause, fast forward and reverse. The strangest buttons are in the middle, which look like the Home, Back, and Menu controls found on many Android-based smartphones. There's also a mysterious silver button below the Android controls. Finally there's some kind of LED lights built into the gamepad; four on the right side and two more on the left. 

Amazon has been rumored to be developing an Android-based console for some time that could also serve as a streaming video box. In February, it was discovered that Amazon had acquired game developer Double Helix, who had made the Xbox One launch game Killer Instinct. The appearance of these controller images would suggest the company is close to revealing its console plans but exactly when that will happen is still subject to speculation.

Source: Anatel via Zatz Not Funny | Image via Anatel

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Ok, here goes, i bet it won't be an Android based gaming console it will plays Xbox/PS4 games via onlive who amazon have done a deal with.....

looks bad, and android gaming isn't happening especially if you don't have the play store behind you in the case of amazon. Ouya was a huge failure, it's basically an emulator box.

this could be interesting. although android games are terrible and low end, but it has potential and could pull a wii-like price challenge on the technical consoles from MS and Sony. In particular if the price makes the PS4 and XB1 look expensive.

Could be real. I have seen other controllers that look pretty similar to the XBOX controller. Shall have to wait to see what Amazon says.

Could just be a mockup/image and not a pic of a real device.

And they are slightly different and not exactly. The reflection on the lower left of buttons are a little different from each other. Which is normal. Would be the same if I was standing right over the controller and taking a pic as it looks like the reflection is that of there person taking the pic. Reflections would be slightly different on each buttons but not completely different.

Image of the nyko controller. all reflections in the image are the same for each button as well.

Edited by techbeck, Mar 14 2014, 2:39pm :

As I said in forum post:
fake, those are 360 bumpers and joysticks
One would have to be pretty blind not to spot it.
Look at the reflection in the buttons, they're all the same, based on angle orientation, lighting, etc, that's just impossible. Engadget must be desperate.

Or prototype built from existing hardware?

Don't get me wrong, it's so ugly I think it has to be either fake or a rejected concept, but it's not a totally stupid idea when designing your own entry in to a market to take your competitors highly regarded products apart and play with them.

JustAnotherTechie said,
Or prototype built from existing hardware?
That sounds quite plausible during early development, but would any company then use that hardware with competitor's parts in it to apply to their country's equivalent of the FCC?