IMDb Loses Advertisers Over Adult Listings

Barclaycard and The National Lottery have pulled advertisements from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), one of the most comprehensive movie databases on the web, after their ads were shown next to adult movie listings. The move follows recent similar action on Facebook, when Vodafone and several other companies pulled advertising from the site after appearing next to profiles that violated company policies. Other advertisers on IMDB such as HP, Motorola, and Hilton Hotels, all of which host ads site-wide, seem to have no problem with the adult movie listings and have announced no plans to change or cease advertising on the site.

Indeed, Barclaycard believes it may have overreacted and could possibly restore ads to IMDB soon. "The Internet Movie Database seeks to list all the movies which have ever been made, including adult ones, but by no stretch of the imagination could it be described as a porn site," said a Barclaycard spokesman. "As company policy, we seek to advertise only on reputable websites and temporarily removed our adverts from this site while we carried out a full investigation and spoke to the website."

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oops, imdb got greedy and it turned around to bite them in the ass. I cannot classify porn as a legitimate movie industry - I just can't take them seriously. It's terribly acted, poor plots, poor editing, sound, and cameras. Need I say more? Porn is good for just one thing.... and IMDB has no place for that!

Some people may not agree with porn films, but that makes them no less of a movie.
Just deal with it I guess, and the sad part is... most of these people at home watching porn are probably their best customers

Great... here we go again, with people running scared over the book, "Uncle Tom's Cabin".

If it's one thing that really ****es me off, it's society struggling to learn from it's mistakes, then the next time it pops up....they're back to square one again.

IMDB, is a kick ass website. End of story. It's a vast resource for anything that's been captured on film. Just like a library holds all things printed...... newspapers, magazines, books (some libraries keep their adult content contained).

A child may not be able to get a hold of that Playboy magazine because it's on the top shelf, and wrapped in plastic.... but they can sure grab that copy of Cosmo that boldly says "50 NEW WAYS TO GET YOUR MAN SCREAMING FOR MORE!!" with articles in explicit techniques.... right there as they get to the counter.

Way to go people!! Such quality ethics.

They need to see IMDB as it is.... a database of movies and information. So long as they keep the users from turning it into a cess pool in regards to adult films, I see nothing wrong with it. If it were a true "porn" site, it wouldn't just have a listing of the film, it's actors.... it would show a sample of it's content.

Big difference.

So basically Barclaycard wasn't sure of what kind of site they had put their ads on and wanted to investigate first? How stupid... :-p

How is porn relevant to legitimate film industry? Do they catalog every alternative sport video and other specialty variety videos produced? IMDB should stick to film and tv.

What's your definition of "legitimate"? Does Bollywood feature? Arthouse from Lithuania? How about "Pimp My Ride"? IMDb works on the principle that if it isn't in the database you can add it, so all those Jane Fonda workout videos can get listed along with every episode of Pok√É©mon, along with the full cast list of Deep Throat.