Important site news, ActiveWin merger announcement

We have been in discussion with Robert Stein (Bob) of Activewin, for the past 3 weeks due to the recent server moves and increasing costs to run Neowin (now spread over 2 servers) we have decided to merger Neowin into Activewin, this means the community will not go homeless because it will be integrated into ActiveWin website where a select few of the Neowin staff will continue to post news. Heres a few facts about ActiveWin compared to Neowin:

  • Activewin is hosted on Windows Servers while Neowin is on Linux

  • Activewin is propped by both Microsoft and LockerGnome as a true enthusiasts site

  • Activewin don't endorse or promote unprofessional-ism in news(relay)

  • Activewin and Neowin both use win in the name
The url will remain accessible but will point to after a short transition period (about a month, or when the lease ends on the server). Recently a dip in Windows XP betas news and Windows beta news in general has wiped quite a few previously popular tech sites off the net, One site even had to change its name three times to keep members looking at a fresh site - respect to you guys. Part of the whole package also means Byron @ ActiveWin gets the boot and that we don't have to offer member subscriptions or ask members for their hard earned cash after all.

Its been a fun 3 and a half years, we certainly moved some mountains and annoyed alot of people in the process, so Paul Thurrott I guess you'll get the last laugh after all but you won't be able to claim you saw THIS coming....

Thanks everyone for your continued support to Neowin. ActiveWin will make a statement of their own shortly, they allowed us to post first as a mark of respect.

Update: Activewin have also posted their statement, you can read it here.

View: ActiveWin

View: and To Merge Statement @ ActiveWin

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Neobond just let me know that because I stepped down as a news poster the other day, I won't be needed at Activewin, life just isn't worth living anymore.