Impulse: Phase 3

Impulse Phase 3 includes five major new features that developer Stardock believes will be compelling to both PC users and software publishers.

These new features are:

  1. The Impulse client has had its user interface significantly improved and updated with features such as player rankings, achievements, intelligent match-making, and more. It also includes a new tray application that lets users track friends, receive update notifications, and much more.
  2. The beta of Impulse Anywhere, a new web-based method for users whose home Internet connections are non-ideal to download their software on another machine, take the files home and install them.
  3. The release of Impulse Reactor, a development platform that lets users add many new features to their games without having to re-distribute a third-party client (i.e. users don̢۪t have to distribute the Impulse client). Impulse Reactor includes features such as intelligent match-making, multiplayer tournament support, NAT negotiation, friend lists, rankings, community features and much more. Gas Powered Games̢۪ much anticipated PC game, Demigod, is being released next week and makes full use of Impulse Reactor.
  4. Impulse Reactor Overlay, an in-game overlay that lets users instantly access chat, friends lists, profile data, micro-expansions, and more. Demigod will also be the first title to make full use of this.
  5. Game Object Obfuscation (Goo) - An alternative method for developers to protect their intellectual property. Goo allows developers to associate licenses with people rather than their PCs which will eliminate the issue of “limited activations”. It also provides the underpinnings to support vendor neutral software downloads and transferring of licenses.

Get more information, and the free download of Impulse at

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Cool, so Impulse is almost caught up with Steam (in features, not selection). Now if they can figure out a way to make it better I might give it a try...

Does it really matter what to use ? Steam is the mainstream type because it has lots of titles, Impulse has a bunch of programs and a bit of games (much less than on Steam).

I'd rather use Steam because Impulse doesn't offer the games that I want.

Having options is a lame excuse, Steam is selling games-only and it's pretty damn successful at it, it doesn't need to sell songs or programs to be a worthwhile program to use.

Bunch of programs? From what I can tell, most of the Desktop software is 16 pages of MyColor crap. The rest Stardock, Corel, and a few other brands. As I previously stated though, you'd probably have a better chance finding deals from various other stores, or even from the company directly.

I mean, lack of quantity (and quality) combined with the prices doesn't seem to be helping them at all.

Installed fine and the black skin looks nice :)
The only thing i needed to do was deleting it from autorun as i don't have any apps in there (don't like this).
After deleting it i found an option for this inside of impulsenow ^^

Well done

Load of crap, Impulse auto updated itself, requested a reboot and no it will not load. I just get an error about a encountering a problem and needing to close.

So yet another in a long line of crap that doesn't work, or is this another case of it will only work if you are in the us, like most other things from starcrap lately.

I used to be a huge fan of stardock but over the last few months they have become really bad and the support is non existant, with a few of my support requests even being deleted when they could not help ...

It's similar to Steam in that they both allow you to buy games and download them to your PC, however Impulse is so much more than Steam. Impulse just needs to secure distribution rights to all the new games as they are released, and it'll be a real contender. Hopefully all the new goodies in Phase 3 will help them to attract the big names.

How can it be so much more than Steam?

Both allow me to get games, and play them. That is all I want to do. Oh and a decent way to back them up, which is easy for both.

Impulse will not take off unless it has the content as you said. Until then, Steam all the way.