In Memory of Dave Morse, Amiga Co-Founder, 1943-2007

David Morse, Amiga Computer's co-founder passed away last week. I will remember him always. Dave's obituary can be found here. Dave, was always an inspiration to me... not only from back in the old Amiga days, but in the early days of NTG (3DO), Interactive Partners, and VideoStream, the company we built together. Then, in more recent years, his interest and contribution to my vision of REBOL and IOS. Dave was my model for how to be cool in business, and I respected him immensely for it. How many meetings I sat and watched Dave in action, or should I say, perfectly timed silence. Dave was the master of the dramatic pause... during a negotiation, purchase, contract. He knew the timing, and what it took to make the deal.

Few people have taught me so much during my life... as a role model and leader. It did not matter if we were presenting our vision to ATT, Time Warner, or Kleiner Perkins in front of Vinod Khosla, Steve Wynn and Michael Milken, Dave was always calm and trusting about it. "We'll do the best we can. If it doesn't work out, there are others who are interested." His calmness was reassuring, and it served as my strength.

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Amiga was so much ahead of its time that it's silly - people that went ooga-ooga over some Windows 95 stuff that Amiga had 10 years earlier and still did many things better - and all that on a machine with 50 times less memory than your MSN messenger uses today by average.


Jugalator said,
I agree, not to mention their CDTV..

I have one of those. It still works perfectly, but it doesn't play RW discs. (They didn't exist when it was made.)

It's a shame that the current people in charge of Amiga are probably making him turn in his grave as we speak