India wants Google Earth maps blurred

India's government has joined the governments of Australia, Russia, South Korea and Thailand in asking Google to blur Google Earth images because of security concerns. In September 2005 the company added India, with satellite images of major cities, prompting Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to raise concerns that terrorists could use the images to plan attacks because of the program's level of detail. A Times of India report on Sunday said Google has agreed to blur or distort the installations (a resolution no greater than 25 to 50 metres per pixel) instead of blacking them out so as not to draw attention to their locations. On the other hand, a report in Monday's issue of Computerworld quotes a spokeswoman for Google India as saying no agreement has yet been reached.

News source: CBC News

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the problem here is that they can get just as much information and MORE by just watching CNN, FoxNews, and others.. We have TV shows that show where terrorists should attack or could attack and how they could do it. We are basically writting a manual for it with illustrations right on our local tv sets.

indeed. i wonder if the U.S. has more power over google? blurred images wouldnt be accurate on one hand, but the other says thats invasive and dangerous. wheres the Area 51 pix?

indeed. i wonder if the U.S. has more power over google? blurred images wouldnt be accurate on one hand, but the other says wheres the Area 51 pix?

The technological retardation of governments never ceases to amaze me. Any average joe with a pile of money can buy satellite imagery from several such agencies. Like terrorists are freebies who can be stopped by such useless action.

so what if they can't see it? does that mean that I wouldn't know the Pentagon is there? there isn't exactly any other building shaped like a pentagon.
this is idiotic logic

they might as well ban all gps softwware because that will give them too good of direction's to find the places they want to blow up as well :nuts:

News from the Future: Maps, photography, speaking about vacations banned for fear of terrorism.

Can't these governments understand that not only is this measure pointless, but that it's allowing the terrorists to win? Have these people even looked at the word "terrorist" once in their lives? The point of terrorism is to cause public fear, not to destroy a nation. If nations have a hard time destroying each other, then one guy with a dynamite vest is going to do absolutely nothing. Our governments caving in and implementing policies that change our day-to-day life is proof that our leaders have surrendered to terrorists. Pathetic.

This is the exact same level of retardedness as DRM: make something even more annoying for the general public in the false hopes that it will stop illegitimate users. Terrorists arent exactly dumb and their not poor either, they can plan out attacks with or without google earth!

"It is a shame terrorists exist."

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Nowadays, the word terrorist is used to blanket a lot of organizations by the U.S government unfairly ( eco warriors, animal rights activists, even anyone demonstrating against the government's policy's). The American patriots during the war of independence were classed as terrorists by the British, so although you can shake your head in disbelief on why terrorists do what they do, try walking a day in someone's shoes with the life they've been given to try to understand why they do it. Am I absolving people of their actions, of course not, but as long as government's do what they do, greed does what it does, religion has the ability to control people to go to extremes, terrorism will always have a voice in the world. My personal feeling is that lately in the last 5 years, it's now a term being used to maximize political gain as a way to paint anyone or any organization that doesn't go along with the status quo of a government's policy. If the government gets its way through propaganda, getting through to the hearts and the minds of the people and being classified as a terrorist through extreme measures or just passive resistance, which is how someone like Mahatma Gandhi operated ( imagine calling him a terrorist ), will become one in the same.

My favorite was when the US Capitol building was blurred out. And the Pentagon. Did the terrorists looks at that and say, "oh, well, I guess we can't bomb a blurred building. We can't see where it is"...OOOOKKKKAAAYYYYY then

So much for map 3D View Search. Why they just annoying Google, there are others, and Governments have better access to.

I can see their concern, I'd simply just blur out the secret or military bases. I can understand how thats a security risk and unfortantly we don't live in a world where we can just be honest, but I'm not so concerned it will be used for bad with terrorists as it would be with different countries in war. However for their benefit the maps aren't live updated so the chances of them being accurate as far as military is concerned isn't likely.

Terrorists don't need these maps... I'm sure they'll have other ways.... and don't have they have to scope out the area before destroying it anyways?

Maybe if terrorists were using fighter jets and bombers it might be a slight advantage...

It is a shame terrorists exist.
I was looking through the MS Live maps the other day and found it quite fun trying to navigate to my house. It's a good idea but because of those who wish to blow themselves up then it will always come under fire from officials.

Like terrorist organizations won't already have more up to date data for their targets. They will need to use images from 2005.