Indian Firm Touts "Alternative Internet"

Indian technology firm NetAlter Software has unveiled details of what it claims is a virus and spam-free "internet alternative". According to the company, it has patented a "true P2P" system that offers a domain-less alternative to the web and the internet. The NetAlter system will "offer a secure, trusted, spam-free and virus-free software and network for end users and businesses". Users wishing to access the network will have to use the NetAlter Service Browser, available free to end users worldwide, enabling them to connect, communicate and share with other users from their PCs via a P2P network.

"Users will no longer have to worry about their personal and financial information being hacked or misused as the NetAlter browser will not allow unauthorised programs to run and will protect the intellectual property of creators of content and applications," NetAlter claimed. The network will provide features such as email, file sharing, information sharing and messaging, as well as allowing the creation of personal and business networks. "Wherever you are, by simply installing the NetAlter browser on your PC, you can publish content across the network without registering a domain name or hosting a web server."

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Yeah well everything always looks like it runs perfectly to programmers and designers. I'd be worried if things went wrong every indian would already be working helpdesk for other companies :P

I had a look at both there Technology presentation and the Internet TV presentation, but to be honest it seems a bit...unrealistic. They have set out this plan for this massive broad reaching platform, but from what it says, it seems like they haven't even started.

the internet is far from perfect, but if it wasnt what it is right now, a LOT of people would be out of work, and knowing how to use it without filling my computer with spyware/virus's makes me feel smarter then most of the people i know :P

Who wants to be using this version of Internet where you are restricted in what you can do? So I can't use my browser of choice with all the extension I want? Forget it.

P2P and "protect the intellectual property"

Wait for it ...


Sorry, ahem ...


maybe its a new style of meditation. everyone networking without devices on the Astral plane now..... mmm return to eden india style

Maybe its virus and spam free now but wait till they actually get some users! I'll give it 30 minutes.

Sounds to me like some P2P application that runs across the internet..a bit like eMule?

is it just me, or is this internet-alternative stuff really starting to annoy me more and more?

hah... good luck on that one:
""[...]and will protect the intellectual property of creators of content and applications,""

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