Instagram Direct launched; Allows users to limit sharing

Instagram has announced through their blog, a new feature called "Instagram Direct" which lets users send photos or videos directly to selected users or followers.

Using the newly announced feature, the user can select the target for a specific image or video and post the content directly to their stream which can prove helpful in sharing within certain groups of friends or family.

Steps to use the feature are similar to the usual uploading process:

  1. Take a new photo/video or upload a photo/video from your camera roll.
  2. Add optional effects, filters and a caption.
  3. Tap Direct. You’ll see some features appear in green when you’re using Instagram Direct.
  4. Tap the names of people you want to send the photo/video to (up to 15 people).
  5. Tap Send.

Photos or videos can be sent to people who are not following the sender as well. However, in this case the recipient will be given a notification before they can view the post. Likes and comments from the posts can only be seen by the people who have been included in the "Direct" post.

The feature is being rolled out through the updated app available on Android and iOS versions with the Windows Phone version which is currently in beta to follow soon.

Source: Instagram Blog | Image via Instagram

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Urgh, how about using one of the other million services for messaging which do the job better? Instead of adding bloat, they should focus on the core functionality, nobody needs this.

following the steps of myspace and facebook, lol, swallow up as many newer innovative features as it can until it collapses from its own weight

"Unprofessional journalism"

Neowin aren't one of the big boys. It's more about the community than breaking news here imo, although they do get the odd exclusive and sometimes sourced by other sites

trojan_market said,
why this site is always behind other tech sites?

If you already read this on another website, why do you care?