Instagram has a new time-lapse video app called Hyperlapse.

After nearly four years since its initial release, Instagram has released an entirely new product into the market. Although Hyperlapse might be a new independent app by Instagram, it doesn't stray too far from its photographic roots. Hyperlapse is an app that will allow you to create professional looking time-lapse videos on your mobile device. 

Hyperlapse will initially only be available for iOS and will allow users to create moving time-lapse videos with minimal shake and judders. This is achieved with the apps powerful image stabilization algorithm that will give each creation, a polished and cinematic look.

While it may sound complicated, Hyperlapse is easy and simple to use, having only a few options. As soon as you open the application, you will be able to tap the screen to begin filming and tap again to stop. After filming is completed, you will given the option to choose your playback speed. This can be manipulated from 1x to 12x speed. After you have selected the playback speed, you simply save the video to your camera roll and share it. 

Hyperlapse is simple, creating wonderful results, with minimal effort. It has the perfect blend of ingredients that could result in a massive hit. 

Source: InstagramImage via Instagram

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This reminds me more like what mobile phone look like compared to Nokia Lumia!

Normal - Apple iPhone
with Hyperlapse - Nokia Lumia

Microsoft already use this type of technology on

This reminds me more like what mobile phone look like compared to Nokia Lumia!

Normal - Apple iPhone
with Hyperlapse - Nokia Lumia

Microsoft already use this type of technology on

this is not what I think of when I hear the world "timelapse". I think of hours- or days-long shots played back in a dozen or so seconds.

looks interesting, like they're stepping on microsofts feet now.
they really should release desktop software though, not many people are going to mount their phone on their bike / helmet as they have shown.

NastySasquatch said,
... Ooh look they re-invented turn of the century moving picture technology...

Yeah i totally remember having gyroscopic software stabilisation in my phone at the turn of the century...

LOL... A ripoff? In name perhaps, but Instagram and Microsoft obviously worked on this independently and Microsoft has no actual product. We'll see it eventually only on Windows. So this isn't a ripoff of Microsoft's product. There is already a Hyperlapse iOS app so Instagram and Microsoft ripped off the name from that app!

To be fair Hyperlapse has been the technology name long before Microsoft used the name.

Why does this surprise you?

Almost all apps are out for iOS first, often weeks, months or even years before an Android release.

Makes sense, iOS is where the money is.

Microsoft had something like this:

Edited by ians18, Aug 26 2014, 5:44pm :

Yup. This app depends on the gyroscope though, which Microsoft's technology doesn't. It's confusing though. Microsoft even used the same name for their research project. Very weird. Coincidence or just plain evil by Facebook?

Indeed - it appears that way.

Someone might correct me but this just looks like image stabilisation. Whereas MS's system is doing this as well as something completely different which smooths a sped up video.

It uses gyroscope data, so it is just a digital image stabilization for video. MSR's hyperlapse seems to be a pure software based solution.