Intel: 40 Windows 8 Ultrabooks with touch screens by end of 2012

Intel has already said that it expects over 20 Windows 8-based tablets with Intel processors to be released by the end of the year. But what about PC notebooks that are based on Intel's Ultrabook designs that will run on Windows 8? If an Intel executive is correct, we could be flooded with them when Windows 8 is launched on October 26th. reports that, during the company's Ultrabook symposium in Taipei this week, Navin Shenoy, the VP of Intel's Architecture Group, said that we can expect a whopping 40 Ultrabooks based on Windows 8 to be released before the end of 2012; all of these Ultrabooks will have touch screens to support the Metro UI.

That's a massive amount of new Windows 8 touch screen products that will be released in addition to all the tablet devices that are also planned. It will be interesting to see how all of these products will affect sales of all those Android-based tablets already out on the market. Intel also claims that only 35 notebooks with the Ultrabook label have been released since the format launched in the fall of 2011.

The story also says that we should soon see a number of Ultrabooks priced at or around $699 in the near future. Intel has been trying to get PC makers to cut the price down on these thin-and-light notebooks.


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I hope they come with WiDi I have been playing with this and its really fast and amazing..
I can only imagine is projectors came with WiDi installed .. that would be awesome.

I was going to order a Lenovo X230T, but I guess I'll wait. The preinstalled OS doesn't matter to me as I'm just going to put Arch Linux on it anyway.

Need some that have integrated WWAN. One of our sales people just had their notebook die and so the boss wants to move his notebook down to him and get himself a pretty new ultrabook..except its a requirement for him to have WWAN. He doesn't want to tether to his phone.

veternan said,
Any with 15.6" display?

None yet, recently went into the market for a Notebook purchase, saw the present generation ultra-books but didnt quite like them as similar configs without the ultra-book feature (Energy saving 17W processor and thin light without optical drive) felt much value for money deal.

Does sound promising..hopefully there are some unique designs that we haven't seen at Cebit. I'll be curiouse how many of these ultrabooks are going to be convertibles and sold via mainstream consumer retail channels?