Intel, AMD Ready Steep Price Cuts

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices next month plan to unveil significant price cuts on their current fleet of processors as they prepare to go to battle in the quad-core market. On April 22, Intel is slated to announce a 40 percent price cut on its current quad-core processors and significant drop on Core 2 Duos, channel sources said.

AMD has said it plans to launch its first quad-core processors, developed under the code name Barcelona, in mid-2007. "There will be dramatic price drops on quad-cores, something AMD does not have, and dramatic price drops on Core 2 [Duo], an exciting processor that AMD has not had for two years. Advantage, Intel," said one system builder that works with both chip makers. Another source familiar with the companies' plans said Intel plans price cuts on its Core 2 Duo E6300, E6400, E6420, E6000 and E6700 processors, and the reducaions will range from 20 percent on the low end to 40 percent on the high end. There's also a 40 percent reduction planned for the Q6600 processor.

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Does anyone know if the E6600 is also on their discount list? It doesn't appear in the article and I was planning to buy one for my new box...

I bought a Core 2 Duo E6300 in December for around $215 CAD and it's selling for $230 now, apparantly due to low supplies. So buying early is not always a bad thing

man, I regret so much for not waiting.. now I'm stuck with my socket 939 x2 4200+ and DDR... I won't be able to upgrade for while

The Socket939 system you're using is being replaced for something better and faster, and this happens to all platforms. S939 also offered single and dual-core capability straight off the bat, with a significant array of both consumer and professional processors in order to cater for all tastes. Let's not forget that when S939 came out, 'Prescott' Intel processors were getting hot - very hot. Here came a product that could outperform them because it was more efficient and produced less heat. If the AMD product line was and still is, so poor then AMD would have been dead in the dust years ago.

Core 2 [Duo], an exciting processor that AMD has not had for two years.

Tosh. Without A64 there would be now C2D. In fact it has taken over three years to exceed the performance of the A64, and let's not forget just how popular the AMD Operton has been in the server market due to it's great performance and all-important low latencies.

Let's also not forget that AMD is doing an excellent job competing on price performance at the bottom end. Unless you want a computer for computationally-intensive tasks then you will find it hard to justify spending considerably more on Intel products. That does not mean to say C2D isn't powerful - it is - but that does not mean it offers the best value. Even with reductions, the top end is expensive.

An analogy: just because someone produces a new Ferrari, does not mean to say that every Ferrari below it is bad. You do not need the best car to go to the local store, and not everyone can even afford that car. What is bad however, is what Intel had to do in order to introduce C2D - it had to effectively make it's own desktop products redundant. They cannot compete with C2D on price/performance and they certainly have a hard time keeping up with the A64 in both price and performance. Their only saving grace is media encoding that historically benefits from HT and fast clock speeds.

Up until C2D AMD had a product that was able to outperform Intel's products despite running at a slower clock speed..that is not the mark of an inferior product, it's the mark of a much superior one, with a better micro-archietcture. That is also competition, and competition is good. I think the guy who made that comment about AMD not having products is misinformed. Without AMD there would be no C2D and still, the quad-core versions of Intel products have flaws such as the way the cores are interconnected. Maybe even more Intel staff will face the sack in order to pay to have these issues rectified.

At the trade fair I see more AMD products sold than Intel, and this is due to price/performance. The money saved goes on a better PSU, more memory or a faster graphics card. Both AMD and Intel products can also be overclocked if more raw CPU power is needed. Without AMD there would be no C2D and up to this point Intel was having a hard time keeping up despite it's production capacity. Ask yourself why Intel didn't produce a sufficiently fast enough product earlier a more cost-effective price.

Ya know....this has to really **** people off to no end when they just paid top dollar for a new CPU...and then see that's been chopped down just a month or so later.

It probably is frustrating but that's how the computer industry is. The expensive new component you buy today is on sale in the bargain bin tomorrow.

Can anyone tell me when the E6420 is scheduled to be released? It says its price will be cut in less than a month, but it is not even on the market yet? What's the deal?

LOL And here i am with my p4 1.7 rocking so hard. Oh yes and i make a living out of it managing two non profit organizations websites/databases from home.

This machine still does his job, but i think this good news for me, since i'm going to need a replacement soon.

Intel wants to beat AMD to the punch, it seems. I hope Barcelona will live to its expectations, as it is always nice to see some rivalry.