Intel completes 32-nanometer chip development

Intel has completed the development phase of its next-generation manufacturing process that shrinks chip circuitry to 32 nanometers, the chipmaker said Tuesday night.

Intel processors are currently made on a 45nm process. Generally, smaller geometries result in faster and more power-efficient processors.

The chipmaker said in a statement that The company is on track for production readiness of this future generation (of transistors) in the fourth quarter of 2009 and also added that it will provide technical details about the 32nm process technology at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) next week in San Francisco.

Finishing the development phase for 32nm process technology keeps Intel on track with its "tick-tock" strategy.

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Most software (including most games) is still designed for single-core processors (Celeron, Core Solo, even the P4 Northwood-C); the few exceptions (some games, video-transcoding software, and other niche software) are designed around dual-core (the number of *current* games that can truly take advantage of a quad-core, even the old soldier that is Q6600, can be counted on one hand). That is despite all of the last three truly home-usable client versions of Windows NT (not just Vista and XP, but I actually include Windows 2000 Professional on that list) have been SMP/multicore-friendly.
Despite quad-cores being generally available at sub-$300USD prices (even Core i7), how much software truly takes advantage of all that power (for any operating system, not just Windows)? There is a decided lag in the general-software market in terms of multi-core-aware applications and games.

I read on Wikipedia that Intel is already planning 11nm based processors in 2016. One day they won't be able to shrink it more, because it'll be close to the size of atoms o_O

Edit : Wow... I thought the first comment about 11nm was a joke.. and that waiting 5 years was ANOTHER joke.... but no o_O