Intel exec confirms $200 Android devices, Core CPUs in $399 machines

Previously, Intel CEO Paul Otellini mentioned that devices running Intel's Bay Trail Atom platform could be available for as low as $200, with later information coming out that these $200 devices would likely run Android as opposed to Windows 8. Yesterday, Intel chief product officer Dadi Pelmutter reiterated to CNET that cheap Bay Trail Android devices are coming as he offered up more information on cheap Intel-powered tablets.

According to Pelmutter, the availability of cheap Windows 8 tablets depends on the price points that Microsoft makes Windows 8 available to OEMs. Pelmutter said that Intel has "good technology that enables a very cost-effective price point", but Microsoft's license costs for Windows 8 means that there will likely be "a slightly higher price point" for Windows 8 laptops.

It was also mentioned that Intel is pushing to have their mainstream Core line-up available in devices as low as $399 to $499, with the Atom range filling out the price points below and up to that. Intel is also working on incorporating multi-mode LTE radios into application processors by 2014, while a data-only multi-mode LTE chip will launch mid-year.

Intel is making a big push into smartphones and tablets in response to a declining market for traditional PCs. Both Intel's upcoming Haswell (Core) and Bay Trail (Atom) processor line-ups are said to bring sizable power savings while upping the performance, putting pressure on ARM manufacturers like Qualcomm to deliver chips that outpace Intel in some areas.

Source: CNET | Image via Expert Reviews

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In the big picture, I see Windows RT dying out. It just doesn't make sense. The products w/ RT cost more than Apple/Android devices and is trying to target the same TABLET OS Market. Right there, is all the reason to not buy one, not to mention that RT has 0 Marketshare, and thus, a very minute ecosystem. I don't understand who at MS decided to charge $90 for a license fee for RT.

By second-gen Windows products, hopefully x86 devices will drop $200. If you can buy x86 tablets starting at $200, maybe $400 for a high quality atom tablet, or $600-800 for a i-core tablet device, that will pretty much open the market to MASS Windows Tabs purchases. This will be because people will look and say "Oh, I can buy a Android tablet for $200-400, OR, I Can buy a Windows tab for $100 more that's a FULL PC OS"

I really think MS should consider releasing RT to OEMs for free and focus on making money on the app store and deeper market penetration (from devices competing on price points comparable to android), the pro versions will of course keep their price as is, with demand for the x86 app portfolio being the main draw for consumers/business.

Not a bad idea - as it'll bring more people into the ecosystem.

Then again, don't forget, they do need to recoup the costs of porting Windows to ARM, which'll take a lot longer to do if they're relying purely on sales from the App Store.

I'm not sure how economically viable that is. Google does it with Android, but they make a lot of their money through things other than Apps.