Intel is the Largest Purchaser of Green Power in the U.S

First it won the heart of hardware enthusiasts with the Core 2 Duo, and now it is targeting environmentalists. Intel Corporation plans to purchase more than 1.3 billion kilowatt hours a year of renewable energy certificates as part of a multi-faceted approach to reduce its impact on the environment, making the company the single-largest corporate purchaser of green power in the United States (according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). The company said it hoped the record-setting purchase would help stimulate the market for green power, which should lead to additional generating capacity and ultimately, lower costs.

"We have a long history of commitment to the environment and energy efficiency is an important consideration in everything we do, from building transistors to designing microprocessors and running our factories. Our renewable purchase is just one part of a multi-faceted approach to protect the environment, and one that we hope spurs additional development and demand for renewable energy," said Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini, who is also a member of the Copenhagen Climate Council, a global group of leaders working to achieve an effective global climate treaty at next year's UN Environmental Summit in Copenhagen.

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yea, they need actually start building power plants that are green rather than certificates.
Maybe certificates arent green - there wasting paper to be printed on lol!

What a waste of money. Instead of buying "green" certificates, why not fund to build a new nuclear power plant? That's "green" and a whole lot more effective. Liberal stupidity, I swear...

ha...haha.......BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA. green power is the latest (and possibly greatest) marketing ploy of allllll tiiiiimmeeeee.

Despite these tracking and certification systems, the concept of green power has been dinged quite heavily since the Washington, D.C.-based Public Citizen issued a scathing analysis of California's green power market a few months back. Among the complaints lodged in the Public Citizen report, authored by Berkeley-based consultant Nancy Rader, is there are significant opportunities for circumnavigating and abusing the certification and verification processes. Rader also charged most of the renewable energy being sold to California green consumers is merely re-sold electricity from existing power plants and therefore does not improve the environment.

a little more recent.

plenty more where that came from. and no, this is anything but California specific.

/global warming is a marketing ploy. and a damn good one.

A link to an article from '99 that doesnt say anythng bad about green Power except that it cost more and a blog that talks about Great Britain's Green Power program failure.

(Doli said @ #3.1)
A link to an article from '99 that doesnt say anythng bad about green Power except that it cost more and a blog that talks about Great Britain's Green Power program failure.

does not say anything bad? did you read the quote? the regulations are lax at best and sometimes its just re-sold existing 'green' power that in no way helps.

(thornz0 said @ #2.1)
same thing with me, i'm that easy. they just need to put a bit of honest effort into it and I'm sold.


I hope more large company's will follow this example. We need more renewable energy sources and become less dependent on fosil fuels and nuclear power. Yay for solar and wind power.