Intel launches Ultrabook advertising campaign

Intel has been pushing its Ultrabook thin-and-light laptop design specs for several months now and a number of companies like HP, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung and others have released notebooks that follow the Ultrabook requirements. Now Intel is going to be pushing its Ultrabook philosophy in a more general way via a new marketing and advertising campaign.

Today, Intel revealed its plans for the campaign, titled "A New Era of Computing". It will include a series of TV ads, such as the one above that spoofs spaghetti Western movies. The ad tries to show that an Ultrabook-based notebook is faster than the "old fashioned" laptop.

The new Ultrabook campaign will also include print ads and in the middle of April Intel will also launch a new Ultrabook web site where people will experienced an interactive expansion of the TV commercials. Intel says that this is the biggest marketing campaign it has run in the past 10 years, costing "hundreds of millions of dollars."

The big question: Will people who have never heard of an Ultrabook-based laptop be convinced to try one thanks to this campaign, instead of a tablet-based device such as the iPad? So far the response to the first Ultrabooks that have shipped over the past few months have been mixed in terms of both reviews and sales.

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Arceles said,
Intel integrated graphics... no.

Intel's integrated graphics do enough for most people out there - except for gaming.

Arceles said,
Intel integrated graphics... no.

Hey, the HD 4000 is a very good improvement. Nothing out of this world, but it will do awesome to 400$ lappys.

Jose_49 said,

Hey, the HD 4000 is a very good improvement. Nothing out of this world, but it will do awesome to 400$ lappys.

Yeah but that price doesn't apply to ultrabooks. Also, if going lower end means loosing media capabilities, I'll better go amd.

We're getting there. For example my current laptop is an HP dm4 that I got for $400 + tax, so that is what I consider a good deal.

If the ideapad yoga was $800, I would but it without hesitation.