Intel May Enter Graphics Processor Market in 08/09?

Intel Corp., the world's leading producer of x86 microprocessor and built-in graphics cores, may enter the market of discrete graphics processing units (GPUs) in about two years from now, a rumour published by an Asian web-site claims. This puts AMD and Nvidia into a pretty comfortable duopoly in the coming years, but the question is what happens next. It is official that Intel is working on standalone graphics chips and it seems to be logical that they company plans to enter this market about two and a half years after the rumours of its plans to re-enter the business first emerged as quite some engineers from the former 3Dlabs flee from the company to join Intel.

So far the details about Intel's standalone graphics solutions are vague to say at least, as the developers at this point probably work on the desired capabilities and supporting technologies rather than on particular implementation. Though, VR-Zone web-site claims that rumours imply on the multi-core nature of the product and 32nm process technology (which is expected to go online in 2009).

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Hmmm...if Intel and AMD both have powerful 3D systems, what's to stop them from integrating the GPU as another core into the CPU? "New from Intel: Core 5 CPU with builtin 3D graphics capability."

Just watch: once RAM gets fast enough, and the CPU bus fast enough, it'll happen. And then, no more 3D graphics competition. You'll be stuck with whatever's built in to your CPU.

Good Engineers? Company that made two billion tv remotes that semi suck, after holding back on that ech for twenty years. We're talking about little childrens mentality.

With built in game processing, most don't realize its old, finalized 4 lane stuff, PCI 4X is same, so games will be quite marginal just look around trash dumpsters or clearance bins.

New cards are surely much less than amd nor nvidia aspire too, in fact Intell might just figure out high performance two lane card, with cool name like "Swoosh". Yet they certainly arn't going to be doing any sli cards, in spite of inventing sli, it was promptly orphaned for other vultures to conquer. Intel gaming is biggest HO-HUM job I've heard recently. Basicly its name thing & another way to build in proken lower quality at higher costs for public.


Why would they do that? they don't even have decent support for their products right now?
They sale chipsets that don't even work in Vista... for lack of drivers.
I would avoid these like the plague.

Intel Corp., the world’s leading producer of x86 microprocessor and built-in graphics cores, may enter the market of discrete graphics processing units (GPUs) in about two years from now

I have a hard time believing the word "discrete" could ever apply to a behemoth like Intel...

... and developers a better part of the next 30 years to transition programs and graphics across an 80 core environment.

Just because you can doesn't make it practical. I remember an article about AMD working on a technology for their future chips which will allow multiple cores to process in parallel as a single logical core. Sort of a reverse hyper threading technology.

Believe it or not, Intel has some pretty talented engineers that design the graphics in the chipsets. Unfortunately, when it comes time to layout everything, the graphics are usually the first components to start being chopped and hence why the chipset integrated graphics has never been great. I think if they had the entire die real estate, they could do some wonderful things. From what I've heard at work, it doesn't appear that they will acquire nVidia at all.

I thought that they would buy NVidia, too.

But it seems like they don't need to. They have mad graphics prose all on their own.