Intel Outlines Processor Roadmap

By the second half of this year, Intel plans on producing the first of its Penryn family of 45-nanometer processors and the company also plans to move ahead with its next-generation architecture in 2008. On March 28, Intel executives delved into some additional details of its Penryn line of processors and also offered a glimpse at its Nehalem architecture, which the company said could offer up to eight cores per chip, as well as integrated graphics and memory controllers.

The Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker has 15 different 45-nanometer processors—which use the company's Hi-k processor technology—in various stages of design and will have two fabs dedicated to manufacturing these chips by year's end. By the second half of 2008, Intel plans to have four fabs dedicated to 45-nanometer chip manufacturing.

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News source: eWeek

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It's not really lieing its saying what you think will work the best... Heck I could say you dont need an external math co-processor yet some new CPU's are going to have external ones just like the old 286's did... even though the CPU already has one in it... some people say you dont need a physics processor... yet some people say you do... eventually everyone will integrate all this into one chip it just takes time and for people to stop dragging their feet... Intel had a working scheme now it hit a brick wall and now they have to change it

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