Intel postpones Turbo Memory for desktop PCs

Intel has postponed the transfer of its Turbo Memory technology (Robson) to desktop PCs due to its version 1.0 BIOS and drivers not working as the company expected, according to sources at motherboard makers. During Computex Taipei 2007, Intel released its plans to transfer Turbo Memory to the desktop and scheduled to begin shipping version 1.0 in the third quarter. However, as the performance of Turbo Memory 1.0 has not been as expected, the company has decided to cancel version 1.0 and will directly launch version 1.5 by the end of 2007 or first quarter of 2008, noted the sources.

Motherboard makers will have the option to either purchase a Turbo Memory expansion card from Intel or purchase Intel's controller chip and NAND Flash to embed on the motherboard. Most makers will choose to put the technology on their motherboards, according to earlier reports.

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News source: DigiTimes

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Wait, so Intel is now saying they went ahead and released an under performing and bordering on defective product to the laptop market? My brother has had a laptop on order for the past month with 1GB Robson upgrade for $40 and it should be shipping soon. I hope this doesn't turn out to be garbage or negatively impacting performance.