Intel rumored to be working on TV set-top box and service

It seems to be the Holy Grail for many major tech companies: bringing their products to the living room and specifically to the TV set. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have created a back door solution with their various game consoles that have added lots of extra media features. Google has been trying to push its Google TV OS to TV makers and set-top boxes with limited success for the past couple of years. Of course, Apple has been selling its Apple TV set-top box for a few years and there are tons of hints it may launch its own TV set.

Now there are rumors that Intel has been developing its own set-top box for televisions that could be combined with a cable TV-like service. The rumors began a few days ago, with some websites claiming that Intel would reveal the first details at CES 2013 next week. However, GigaOM claims, via unnamed sources, that Intel won't be making any such announcements at CES.

The story also claims that Intel will sell its set-top box on its website and via other retailers, and will also offer a number of cable TV networks that could be accessed via the box. Furthermore, GigaOM also claims that the Intel TV service could also be streamed to other PCs, tablets and smartphones.

So when will this product launch? The article claims that a limited beta could start in March. It also claims that Intel has spent at least $100 million on this project, and possibly more than that, as of six months ago. It remains to be seen if Intel's efforts will be any more successful than Google TV and Apple TV.

Source: GigaOM | Image via Intel

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no tech company will ever enter the set top box business,because cable companies will never allow them. That is why google had to sell off the set top box business they acquired from Motorola because cable companies told them to go to hell.

Cable companies make money by you watching tv. They serve ads on their channels,in the guide,and on their promo channels. They make money on PPV movies and events. They make money with their VOD service. You going to facebook,or twitter,or Netflix on your tv eats away their profits.

So whats in it for the tech company like intel if they make a set top box? Whats in it for Microsoft? Apple? Anything they do to make money will eat into the cable companies' profits.

-Selling apps? nope,its reducing the time youre watching tv.
-Games? same as above
-Ads? Its taking money directly away from the cable cos.
-Hardware? Again, cable cos don't need state of the art hardware for a guide and on screen dialogs.

And thats why we need other competitors.

Cable companies are a joke in the US. They have ****ty service, ****ty DVRs, ****ty pricing, and ****ty pretty much everything. But the only reason they're still in business is because they generally have a monopoly (in some places you only get 1 choice of cable / internet providers, and if you don't like it then well too bad).

The FCC doesn't really care so it's about time some of the biggest tech companies in the world got involved and showed them what tv / internet would be if they gave a **** about their customers. If that means companies like Comcast go out of business and die a pathetic death, well they've had it coming for years now.

The cable companies are also owning more networks. Comcast with NBC Universal, Time Warner with WB, etc. They will not make it easy to have that content on other places.

Here is an interesting thought... what if Windows 8 doesn't have Media Center in it because of some alliance with Intel to deliver a Win 8 powered Set-top box or inbuilt hardware/OS?