Intel Slashes Prices and Silently Launches New Models

Intel is set to cut prices for its Core 2 dual and quad-core products next week, online retailers have already taken the plunge. The chip giant also launched the Core 2 Duo E6320 and E6420, now with 4MB of L2 cache. Intel prices the new E6x20 models the same as the E6x00 models. Under the new pricing structure, Intel offers its Core 2 processors starting at $113 per unit, in 1,000 unit quantities.

Intel Core 2 Model - Core Frequency - Q2'07 Pricing - Newegg - ZipZoomFly

  • Q6600 - 2.40 GHz - $530 - $659 - $559.99
  • E6700 - 2.66 GHz - $316 - $485 - $340.90
  • E6600 - 2.40 GHz - $224 - $235 - $234
  • E6420 - 2.13 GHz - $183 - N/A - $199
  • E6400 - 2.13 GHz - $183 - $196 - $194
  • E6320 - 1.86 GHz - $163 - N/A - $175
  • E6300 - 1.86 GHz - $163 - $176 - $175
  • E4400 - 2.00 GHz - $133 - N/A - $149
  • E4300 - 1.80 GHz - $113 - $135 - $129
Despite the mild Q2'2007 price cuts, Intel plans to aggressively cut prices on its complete lineup in Q3'2007, with the exception of the recently launched Core 2 Extreme QX6800. Under the Q3'2007 pricing, the Core 2 Quad Q6600 falls to $266 per unit, in 1,000 unit quantities. Intel also plans to release refreshed Core 2 Duo processors with 1333 MHz front-side buses ranging from $163 to $266 per unit, in 1,000 unit quantities.

News source: DailyTech

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Just because AMD is not the top dog for 6 months dosent mean they will go bankrupt so quickly. It would take a couple years to acuilty hurt AMD. Even if AMD fails which I doubt another investor will buy up AMD such ad IBM and spring the company back.

Haven't you seen the recent articles about AMD's huge losses? It's not because they aren't "top dog", it's because the company is literally going broke.

Good to see, but is worth getting an e4300 other low price Core 2 Duo rather than AMD's similiarly priced X2s when I'm not planning to do any overclocking?

Don't forget Intel's lunch of the Pentium E20x0 / Celeron 400 in early June witch will blow away AMD Athlon X2 3600+ and 3800+ as well all Semprons and single core Athlon... >.<

fck man... my biggest mistake was for not waiting I got dual core 4200+ is a 939 in nov 2006, and now seen this is really ****ing me off...

This has been known for a while now and prices have been falling for the past week or so. Nothing new really.

Notice that pricing for the E6600 stayed flat. That does *not* bode well for it's future (especially with it's Kentsfield counterpart dropping to $266USD in 1K quantities in three months). The E6700 is also in serious trouble (from both ends; if Intel releases a Q6700 in Q3, E6700 is screwed). In any case, I smell a *swamping*.

yeah, but if AMD will go broke (which I doubt), the prices will also go again through the roof because there will be (almost) no competition.

Then Intel will be the only one out there, and all the other IC mfgs will scream UNFAIR TRADE lawsuits... just because you do something well you get punished.

Deihmos said,
Intel's goal is to bankrupt AMD.

i hope not... because then we'll see just the opposite happen to the prices...