Intel to increase shipments of 965 chipsets by 50% in 1Q

Before Intel will start gearing up to push its new Bearlake-series chipsets in the second quarter of 2007, the US chipmaking giant plans to increase shipments of 965-series chipsets by 50% in the first quarter to meet strong demand generated by Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system (OS), according to industry sources. The plan is seen as targeted to consolidate Intel's share in the IGP (integrated graphics processor) market amid expected strong demand for high-performance graphics after the Vista launch, the sources said.

Intel only intends to let 965-series chipsets play a transitional role in the first half of 2007, as the company will start launching Bearlake chipsets, currently known as the P35, G33 and G35, in the second quarter, the sources indicated, adding that Bearlake is expected to account for 30% of Intel's chipset shipments in the third quarter. According to the sources, the P35, G33, and G35 chipsets will all support DDR3 and 1066MHz FSB. In the third quarter, Intel will add the high-end X38 version that supports DDR3-1066, the sources said.

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Well, I'm no Linux/Mac fanyboy and I'm not a reporter or a blogger and I think Vista sucks balls. I can't believe they spent as long as they did with developement and Vista is all they could come up with. I'll hold off using it any more than I have until SP1 is released.

thats um nice and all but where is EFI support for the BIOS's... Intel was the driving force away from BIOS's yet... on a standard 64-bit PC we still don't have it except for Mac's and Itanium servers....

If they did it 6 months ago, Vista would have shipped with basic EFI support... instead we have to wait until someone starts to offer it...

Why would they make all these extra p965 chipsets when p35 is just around the corner? Wouldn't it be a better idea to try to get rid of the last p965 boards before then instead of flooding the market with them?

I have to say one thing about this new chipset: it'll drive the price of motherboards that it replaces and the DDR2 RAM they use down.