Intel to release three Ivy Bridge-E range of CPUs in September

Just over a month ago, slides leaked showing what Intel would be releasing next year - the massively powerful Haswell-E chip - but now a Chinese site has obtained a leaked image showing that Intel will in fact release three additional Ivy Bridge-E range of CPU's in September, ahead of Haswell-E. 

The leaked image shows three new Ivy Bridge-E processors, the Core i7-4960X, Core i7-4930K and Core i7-4820K. And if you can get past the hilarious translation and server errors, according to their sources, the CPUs will launch on September 10.

The new Ivy Bridge-E will also match the Intel X79 series of chips, and use the LGA 2011 socket, so if your motherboard supports it, you'll likely only need a BIOS update to run these.

VRZone also has the lowdown on pricing: the six-core, 3.6GHz, Core i7-4960X with 15MB Smart Cache will retail at $990; the 3.4GHz Core i7-4930K with 12MB Smart Cache (also 6 cores) at $555; and the 3.7GHz quad-core Core i7-4820 with 10MB Smart Cache will set you back around $310.

Of course, as mentioned on the site, these prices are only a guideline and may vary upon actual release in different markets.

Source: VRZone (Translated) | Image: VRZone

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i hate the day us the poweruser got shifted Y-Y

seriously intel , was hoping for Hasewell-E this year since last year *cries*

IB-E doesn't cut it!! way overdue

eagerly waiting with my now outdated X58


startscreennope said,
Intel dragging its heels, no serious competition pushing it forward on the desktop CPU market.
I wish AMD would step up their offerings in terms of performance. I miss the rivalry that was more prominent back in the day.