Intel Unveils Extreme X7900 Mobile CPU

At the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, CPU-maker Intel unveiled its newest gamer-oriented mobile processor for notebook PCs, the Core 2 Extreme X7900. Built on 65nm, the X7900 features a 800MHz FSB, 4MB L2 cache, is clocked at 2.8GHz, and will suceed the X7800. With a TDP of only 44W and an unlocked multiplier, the new chip will certainly have some overclocking headroom. The first laptops powered by the X7900 are expected to hit the stores in the next four weeks.

News source: TechConnect Magazine

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Well you gota watch what you look for. I have a HP 9035 Gen 1 and it has a gForce 7600 with 256meg dedicated. Lots of the notebooks in the $800 - $1300 range have shared video cards. I belive your old x700 is dedicated from back then and the x200 was the shared version. Best Buy in most stores have the new version they carry the 9X35 that will always have a core 2 duo and a full gForce card. Normaly sits in the 1300-1400 range. They only have about 4 Laptops that have full video cards.

And anyone that gose and buys a laptop and its 32bit I do feel sorry for them. You can get a 64bit laptop for like $600.00ish if you watch for it.

Also love when people come in and want to do video editing on $300.00 laptop. lol

I'm more concerned that in the main retail outlets, it's near impossible to find a half decent notebook with a discrete video card.

The best available in the area I live is the x1400 or the 8400GS.

I'm using an older Toshiba with an x700 in it and it runs better than even new laptops for gaming.

Laptop makers should be more focused on making a decent computer instead of making one that lowers the bar on price.

You are a minority in laptop buyers. Most people want something they can carry around without breaking their back, and able to run Microsoft Word and IE.

And the first thing they look at is the price.

phiberoptik said,
They couldn't have made it a "M" for mobile?

Lets confuse all of the consumers more...

If you're gonna fork out $2,000+ USD to buy a laptop you better do some good research if you don't then that's just your fault you are confused.